Social Media Management

A great social media marketing strategy humanizes your company and allows you to relate to your target audience as a peer rather than just a brand. Having a consistent social media presence legitimizes your brand for the consumer, and gives your company a “voice,” telling the audience you care about them and the product, not just profit margins and bottom lines. Social media provides a direct and instantaneous means of personally communicating with your audience.

Our services include:

Strategy (Planning, Listening, Copywriting)

  • Utilizing social platforms to achieve business goals. For example, a different strategy should be used for brand awareness versus driving sales.

  • Developing a brand “voice” as it speaks to the online community. Growing meaningful relationships between product and consumer.

Management (Posting and Monitoring)

  • Staying present and relevant in the online community. Providing value by posting internal updates in addition to external content that is relevant to your consumers’ interests.

  • Monitoring platforms for direct messages, mentions, and customer questions/concerns. Being responsive to business inquiries in real-time and engaging existing/potential customers.

Optimization (Increased Performance)

  • Standardizing accounts/profiles to establish consistency and boost brand
    recognition. Helping your brand stand out and position itself in the online community.

  • Reporting and analyzing key engagement metrics to act on what is working and what needs to be improved.  

Paid Advertising (Targeting)

  • Delivering messages to a unique target audience where and when they are most receptive. Boosting high-performing posts to reach a wider audience and drive engagement.


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