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Billboards line our roads and highways, because that's where we drive. Advertisements fill magazines and newspapers because that's what we read. So it stands to reason that the internet should be full of advertisements since that's where we spend more and more of our time. And it is! Whether it's through search engines, social media, or other digital advertising networks, the world of paid digital advertising is constantly expanding.

Unlike organic optimization, paid digital advertising can provide a page or site with instant gratification—an immediate influx of traffic and visitors—that can be tracked and tweaked with extreme precision. This makes it a powerful tool for shorter campaigns—when there's no time to optimize for organic traffic.

Though there are multiple models for how and when you pay (more on that elsewhere), paid digital advertising is often referred to as Pay-Per Click (or PPC for short). When done correctly, PPC can be hugely beneficial for businesses with a digital presence.

Maximize Your Return from Digital Advertising

Unlike other forms of advertising, PPC allows you to target your ads much more precisely. Social media and search advertising platforms allow for the ability to target desired audiences with well-defined parameters based on the information they provide about themselves. While in the past you may have bought a billboard along a busy road near where your target market lives, PPC is like displaying that billboard only to the people with red cars and small dogs at home.

There's also less guesswork when it comes to paid digital advertising (there's always some). Because the majority of interactions happen exclusively online, we're able to see much more of the process your potential customers take. In-depth analytics can show us the exact ROI of an entire campaign or a single ad, something that was never possible with traditional advertising. If a certain ad isn't working, changes can be made instantly!

Pay-Per-Click Marketing can be incredibly helpful for small to medium sized businesses, as they often have niche or "home field" advantages. However, unless you happen to be a wizard at search engine marketing, PPC can be a big waste of resources, both time and money.

BKMedia Group's PPC management services are specifically designed to help make the most out of a smaller budget. We help you take advantage of the best spots on the biggest search engines to maximize your return from digital advertising.

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