About Us

About Us

Having a website used to be enough. These days, savvy marketers need an agency to help cut through the garbage and provide lift in online visibility. 

BKMedia Group opened our doors in 2001 as a dedicated Web Design agency. Since then, we've continued to add to and evolve our offerings at the pace of a viral video. Today, we're one of Colorado's premier digital marketing agencies.

We're a small but skilled agency, made up of individuals who strive to be the best in their particular areas of focus. While you might not expect to find Fortune 250 companies on the client list of an agency with fewer team members than a standard box of Krispy Kreme donuts, we have them. We view our size as an advantage, and our clients agree.

When we work on a project, we're working together, each with our own area of expertise influencing our approach: Lauren champions the design while Rich analyzes everything with SEO in mind. Eric considers the implications to conversion while Josh pours over code to ensure the best functionality, and on it goes.

The results of this team dynamic are websites and digital marketing campaigns that are greater than the sum of their parts. You don't just get "a website" from BKMedia Group, you get the ideal online presence for your business that melds design, functionality, usability, optimization, and metrics.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and accessibility to our clients. We've heard the horror stories of less-than-reputable digital vendors—even seen the effects firsthand—so we go above and beyond to build trusting partnerships with our clients.

This 'partnership' approach is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We're not a vendor. And we're not just an 'implementation' arm of your marketing department—we bring years of marketing experience and ideas to the table and are invested in your success.

If you're tired of guessing and wasting money on lackluster results, we can help you build brand equity, drive more traffic and convert more users into paying clients.

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