Author: Jackie Kirschner

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5 Reasons a Shopify Store Is Ideal for Social Media Advertising

Back when social media marketing first found its feet, it was all about your organic presence. Getting likes and followers was the key to success across social media platforms. But thanks to changes in algorithms, new networks and user behavior, if you want to make your mark on social media, you need a bigger budget.


The Next Generation of Tweets Is (Finally) Here

After much anticipation, Twitter will now allow for tweets over its classic 140 character limit. As of Monday, Twitter is excluding photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quote tweets from the character limit and people are HYPED.

How to Frame Your New Client's Social Strategy

How to Frame Your New Client’s Social Strategy

The term "social media" can be overwhelmingly all-encompassing. Between paid campaigns, organic content development, and community management—not to mention all the different platforms—it's challenging to know where to start or where to focus your efforts. It's natural to want to make sure each base is covered, but unless you have several team members dedicated strictly to social, it's important to identify and execute only the most valuable tactics for your account. So, where to begin?