Author: Lauren Cannon

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Mobile-First Design: Why It Really Needs to Come First

Mobile-first isn’t just mobile-friendly. It’s a design philosophy and needs to be at the core of any digital strategy.


How to Improve Your Marketing With Call Tracking

Thanks to the internet, there are many opportunities for marketers to connect with their customers. There are home pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, banner ads, email distributions, pop ups, social media profiles, contact forms - the list goes on and on. Each of these touch points can be easily tracked by simply plugging those URLs into Google Analytics or and reporting on conversions associated with each channel. But what about phone calls? How do we…


What Is A 301 Redirect & Why Is It So Important?

Have you been thinking about redesigning your website or have you recently undergone a website update? It's a big undertaking. In the process, it's likely that your site architecture, site organization, and structure of your entire website has changed to improve the user experience. What happens to the pages you moved or deleted? When a URL is changed or removed, all of the links pointing to that page break. Links establish credibility and improve search…


Improve Your User Experience Today

What is the purpose of your website? Is it a content-based website, like a blog or magazine? Do you sell products? Will users need to register for a class or event? Every website has a purpose, and it’s important your users know what it is, instantly. In many cases, the site’s purpose may be to attract more traffic and hopefully convert your visitors to potential customers. In order to accomplish this, your website needs to…


A Look Inside: The Importance of Wireframing

Whether you’re working on a paper or building out a presentation for a client, I’ve found that starting with a project outline is a really valuable exercise. As a web designer I create outlines all the time for both new and existing projects; these outlines are known in the industry as wireframes. Like an outline, the wireframe is the skeleton or backbone that everything else like imagery and text is built upon. Without a skeleton…


Everything You Need To Know About Repurposing Content

The internet has been abuzz with talk about the upcoming film Star Wars: A Force Awakes and fans across the world can barely contain their excitement. I will be standing in line with the rest of you opening night, but I am pretty sure I can already predict the outcome of the upcoming film. The Star Wars saga is, at its core, nothing more than the story of good vs. evil. So why all the…


2015: New Year, New Services

Happy New Year, Friends! As you may have guessed from the title, we have lots of new services and ideas to offer this coming year. Big changes have been made to improve our customer service and bring you a more comprehensive and streamlined customer experience. Let’s get started!


Use Evergreen Content to Reach New Audiences on Social Media

In the last few years there has been some controversy on the topic of republishing your content multiple times on social media. Some people advocate for always creating fresh new content to share, while others see the value in reposting quality, evergreen content. As you can imagine, there are strong feelings on both sides. Here at BK, while we believe in the power of fresh content, we're also in favor of reposting content and commonly…


3 Easy Ways to Produce More Ideas

I'm out of ideas. What can I write that people will want to read? How can I make my post different than the hundreds of posts out there? Who is going to read this post anyway? I give up. I think I'll go make a sandwich. Sound familiar? Listen, we've all been there.