Author: Patty McCrystal

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How Automation Will Improve Digital Marketing in 2020

Automation in digital marketing can save your company money. From content optimization and personalized offers to chatbots and predictive lead scoring, here’s how.


Email Marketing: How to Harness the Power of a CRM For Cheap

Email platforms are offering more and more CRM features, making them a great way for small businesses to start scaling up their digital marketing efforts, one step at a time.


Why A/B Testing Makes for Better Websites (and What to Be Careful Of)

A/B testing has the power to improve your eCommerce website, increasing sales and saving money on marketing and development. But it comes with potential pitfalls.


CRM vs. Email for the Outdoor Industry: Which is Better?

Every outdoor brand needs a strategy for keeping customers happy and bringing in sales. CRM and email tools can both be useful for this. Find out which is right for you.


How to Integrate Shopify with Facebook for More Effective Ads

A guide to optimizing Facebook ads using visitor data from your Shopify Store, including how custom audiences, conversions, and events can increase sales.


How to Write Blog Headlines That Don’t Suck

Here are 11 tips of what to do and what to avoid when writing blog headlines to get more clicks, more shares, and higher search rankings.


Is Your Company’s “About Us” Page Working For You?

From nailing the copy and design to using video to show off your employees, expertise, and more, here are our 7 tips to making an About Us page that rocks.


How to Hook Travel Customers with Retargeting Ads

With retargeting ads, you can reach people who’ve expressed interest in your brand or products with custom-tailored content that corresponds to their intent, online behavior, and more.


How a WordPress Blog Can Boost Your Online Business

One big piece of a digital marketing strategy that some businesses overlook is content marketing. Content encompasses everything from the words on your website to your email copy to your eBooks and, of course, your blog.