Author: Patty McCrystal

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2018 Important Dates for Ecommerce and Marketing

Ecommerce Dates Every Marketer Needs to Know

From one of the top Colorado marketing companies, here’s your guide to making the most out of every major ecommerce event in 2018.


Secure Your Site or Lose Search Ranking in 2018

Google announced it will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when uses land on a text input field page on any HTTP website after 2018.


The Difference Between SEM and Paid Social Media Advertising (And Why You Need Both)

Here’s how paid social advertising and SEM work together to guide your lead from their initial interest to their decision to buy.


How to Write Less and Say More

Have you ever read an article in which the author seems to drone on? By the end, you can’t even remember a thing you’ve just read? That can happen with a lot of writers. We love words — all of the words.