Author: Rich Coffman

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ways to improve organic search

5 Ways to Improve Organic Search

Optimizing your website to surface on search engine result pages (SERPs) is a great strategy to gain more traffic, establish expertise and build brand awareness.

Want the Secret to Sales? It Could be Your Content

Want the Secret to Sales? It Could Be Your Content

We all want our websites to generate more leads or make more sales. That’s why we created them in the first place, to aid in the success of our business. But what can we do to make them better? Many of our clients’ businesses exist entirely online. They know the potential that exists and they understand that investing in SEO and CRO is key to a healthy and productive website. Specifically, SEO to build organic search traffic and CRO to improve target behaviors such as making a purchase.

SEO is Not Voodoo

SEO is not Witchcraft nor is it Voodoo. SEO is not pleasing Google's algorithm either. SEO is simple.