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From paid ad campaigns to email marketing to your social messaging, the success of your marketing efforts all boils down to one thing: your words.
Ready to step up your digital marketing game, close some deals and “wow” your customers? It may be time to give CRM a shot.
If you’re a tech-savvy individual who loves keeping up on the latest digital trends, you’ve probably heard the news: Google Analytics 360 is going through some changes this summer.
You’ve tested Facebook ad after ad, boosted post after post and now you finally did it: you found a community of active Facebook followers. 
Are you still keeping track of your customers on a Rolodex? Do you scribble down new customer contacts on a napkin?
Is your SEO strategy bringing a river of steady traffic to your website? Or is it more like a trickle from a leaky faucet?
Tom and Jerry. Batman and Robin. Peanut butter and jelly. And now...
Over 50% of people tend to follow a brand on social media before making a purchase. Discover why you need to maintain a strong organic social media presence to support the success of your paid ads.
From building authority and trust to measuring social shares, discover the top 7 content marketing KPIs that will help you to track the impact of your content.
If you’re in the business of selling hot dogs, you wouldn’t want to park your stand out in front of a vegetarian yoga retreat. Or if your brand sources the best organic catnip this side of the Pacific, you wouldn’t try to target dog lovers on Facebook. 
If you’re tired of former QB Peyton Manning trying to sell you insurance or model Chrissy Teigen trying to bring McDonald’s back, you can blame the age-old marketing strategy of using celebrity spokespeople to brand-build.
Does your site’s traffic look more like an empty parking lot? Can the contacts in your email list be counted on fingers and toes?
Every savvy ecommerce platform knows it’s never too early to start strategizing for major money-making dates in the year ahead.
In 2018, Google will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users land on any HTTP website with a text input field.
In the digital marketing world, paid advertising plays a vital role in driving traffic to your site. And two heavy-hitters in any effective paid advertising strategy are paid social media advertising and search engine marketing (SEM).
Back when social media marketing first found its feet, it was all about your organic presence. Getting likes and followers was the key to success across social media platforms.  But thanks to changes in algorithms, new networks and user behavior, if you want to make your mark on social media, you need a bigger budget.
Have you ever read an article in which the author seems to drone on? By the end, you can’t even remember a thing you’ve just read? That can happen with a lot of writers. We love words — all of the words.
What’s the first thing you do in the morning? You might silence your alarm (more than a few times), check your email, the news, social media, the weather — all on your phone.
Last year was an interesting year for digital marketing. 
Optimizing your website to surface on search engine result pages (SERPs) is a great strategy to gain more traffic, establish expertise and build brand awareness.
After much anticipation, Twitter will now allow for tweets over its classic 140 character limit. As of Monday, Twitter is excluding photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quote tweets from the character limit and people are HYPED. 
The term "social media" can be all-encompassing. Between paid campaigns, organic content development and community management — not to mention all the platforms — it's challenging to know where to start or where to focus your efforts. It's natural to want to make sure each base is covered, but unless you have several team members dedicated strictly to social, it's important to identify and execute only the most valuable tactics for your account. So, where…
Presents. I love them. You love them. Show me someone who doesn't love presents. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah or birthdays, we live for the moments when we get to rip the wrapping paper off of silly things and have one more knick-knack we don't need, but really wanted. You know what is really similar to those nicely wrapped presents? Emails. I know most of you are saying “that's a lie, no one gets excited about…
You’ve heard it repeated time and time again: you need great content on your website. But having great content on your site is just the beginning. Sure, you might be rocking the blogging game, pumping out valuable information that engages and entertains your readers. But… what if you don't have any readers?
We talk about content a lot on this blog, and for good reason! Content (without going down the rabbit hole of quality over quantity) has been and continues to be one of the driving forces behind a healthy organic web presence. But as Brad recently detailed, content isn't just written words on your site. These days, content includes many different media that your visitors can read, view, click, download, and enjoy. No matter the format,…
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