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Form Optimization Increases Conversion Rate by 440%

Conversion Optimization


Free Trial signups


Free Trial conversion rate


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This client offered a resume optimization service that helps clients achieve high scores with applicant tracking systems and impress recruiters. Their services include resume templates, keyword guides, writing tips and a resume writing service.


The client's original account signup form offered visitors the option to either create a paid account, or a free "try before you buy" account with limited functionality.


When BK started working with them, the signup form defaulted to the paid option, with payment fields visible. Users had to select the "try before you buy" option themselves.


A lot of money had been dedicated to building a user base in Q1, and acquiring users was proving to be too expensive. Something needed to be done to convert more organic traffic, rather than pay more to increase our users.


  • Increase signups and usage
  • Reduce reliance on massive paid budgets

The Execution

On the last day of Q1, we launched a new version of the form that defaulted to free account creation, and hid payment fields unless the paid account option was selected.


This strategy removed the concept of paying money to sign up, unless a user was ready for the elevated services that a paid account provided.

The Result

With all paid campaigns paused, traffic in Q2 (post change) was 48.62% lower than in Q2. However, despite the significantly lower traffic in Q2 compared to Q1, we saw a 177.27% increase in the amount of Free Trial signups.


The free account conversion rate jumped from 0.26% to 1.41% — a 439.69% increase. With more users signing up, we also saw a 500% increase in the amount of upgrades — which were free users choosing to pay for the full-featured product.


Free Trial signups


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