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Persona Development Leads to 1,807% increase in Quotes From Blog Traffic


Increase in Finish Quote Completions


Increase in Pageviews


Increase in Average Session Duration


Our client is one of the oldest Fortune 500 life insurance companies in the United States. In 2015, they become a national provider of direct-to-consumer individual dental insurance plans.


The client’s dynamic blogs were being written without consideration of audience personas to guide messaging and content intent.  


The client approached us with targeted audience personas for their individual dental insurance product to integrate into our dynamic content strategy.


  • To create data-driven audience personas put a personal human face on otherwise abstract data about our client’s customers. 
  • To provide personalized blog messaging that addresses each persona’s specific needs and their position on the buyer funnel to support higher conversion rates.

The Execution

Using a data-driven approach, we were able to discover important demographic and behavior information from past users.  


Our persona insights were informed by client interviews, existing email lists, Google Analytics, Facebook lead gen campaigns, customer surveys and industry research.


Through this data, we humanized our client’s audience segments to effectively anticipate each persona’s values, needs, buying challenges, and to know how to speak to them effectively with each blog.

The Result

From March of 2017-March of 2018, we saw increases in the following important content metrics: 

  • Over 1,807% increase in insurance quotes generated from blog traffic.
  • Blog page views: 148% increase
  • Entrances to the site from the blog: Over 157% increase
  • Average blog session duration: Over 113% increase



Increase in Finish Quote Completions


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