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The Importance of Being a Data-Driven Company 

Most company decisions are made according to the HiPPO in the room: that’s the “highest paid person’s opinion.” In other words, everyone can have their own opinion...but in the end, whatever the president (or director, or executive, or supervisor) says—goes. Unfortunately, this is a terrible way for a company to make decisions. Even the most capable individual’s opinion is full of subjective biases that makes them prone to error.

What do the best companies in the world do instead? The Amazons, Googles, and Apples of the world make their decisions based on good, solid data. The right data can tell you in unbiased, objective terms exactly what’s going on in your company and what you can do to optimize your web results and grow your business. And the key is to find the right metrics that will help move the needle for your company.

Questions Your Analytics Can Answer

Right now, your website might feel a bit like a “black box”—a device whose inner workings are a mystery. Exactly who is coming to your website? Where are they coming from? And what are they doing? These are basic questions that every good business needs to know the answers to...yet surprisingly, very few companies ever ask these questions—let alone know where to find the answers.

When you sign on with BKMedia, we’ll create a working analytics setup that can help you answer important business questions like:

  • How is your website performing?
  • What brings visitors to your site?
  • How many people visit?
  • How long do they stay?
  • What pages are they visiting?
  • Where and when are they dropping out of your sales funnel?

We’ll make sure your data is accurate and trustworthy, so you can feel confident making business decisions based on the numbers in your Analytics account. Even more importantly, we’ll help you to analyze your data and turn it into actionable insights that can help drive greater conversions and revenue from your website.

Data Issues We Can Solve

Running a company without data is like flying blind. But simply having data isn’t enough; you must have the right data, and it must be accurate. Having bad data is actually worse than having none at all, because with bad data you’re basing your decisions off of faulty information.

That’s why we go through your analytics setup in excruciating detail, to make sure nothing is configured incorrectly. Here are a few of the data issues we can solve with our comprehensive data & analytics audit: 

  • Ensure your data is of the highest quality and integrity
  • Double-check to make sure your data integrations are all working properly
  • Evaluate your mix of marketing channels against your business goals
  • Set up cross-platform tracking to make sure your data flows properly between all your websites, tools, and services
  • Create a holistic data view that integrates information from every part of your company into an actionable, big-picture report
  • Nail down your performance baselines and help identify KPIs and improvement objectives
  • Promote a culture of testing, learning, and constant improvement in your organization

Analytics Tools We Use

We use many of the most advanced tracking systems in the world to find out what people are doing on your website. Depending on the needs of your business, we will implement many of the following tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most powerful analytical platform available today. This in-depth tool empowers us to review how your website traffic is interacting with your website, and gives us the insights we need to make changes that will improve your performance. We can set up and configure a brand-new Google Analytics account for you, or we can audit and verify that your current installation is set up correctly.


HotJar is the swiss army knife of qualitative analytics tools. It allows us to run surveys & polls on your website; collect heatmaps, clickmaps, and session recordings; and even recruit visitors for user testing. We use this tool because it gives us greater insight into the “why” of your user interactions, and is often the catalyst for website changes and improvements.


SEMRush is a search marketing tool that we pull out when performing website audits and competitive research. This advanced tool can help us to uncover which of your competitors’ strategies is working, so that we can quickly identify ways to improve your marketing with better ads, targeting, and keywords.

Ahrefs is an advanced SEO tool that we use to help improve your organic search results in Google. It helps us to identify which of your competitors is ranking above you, and more importantly, why they’re ranking so high. Once we know that information, we’ll have everything we need to beat them—including which keywords to target, which backlinks to go after, and how to tweak your content for more organic search traffic.

Other Tools

In addition to everything listed above, many of the other tools that we use in your marketing can be also be great sources of actionable data. Marketing automation services like Pardot, Active Campaign, MailChimp, and so on collect data on how people are interacting with your emails. Meanwhile, ad networks like Facebook and Adwords give us greater insight into which customer demographics are responding best to your ads and social media posts.

Data & Analytics Services We Offer

We offer a full suite of advanced analytics services, including setup and monitoring of beginning-to-end tracking of your website visitors and their behavior. All of the following services are intended to help give you better insight into what’s happening on your website so that together we can take the right steps to turn more of your website visitors into customers.

Strategy Session

Every business has different challenges & goals, and we’ll take the time to learn about your company’s unique situation. Once we’ve identified your biggest goals, we’ll map those objectives to KPIs and metrics within your analytics. This is a step that many companies skip, but it plays a crucial role in defining what “success” means to you and determining the most important metrics to track and optimize in your web presence.

Account Audit

We are fully capable of setting up a brand-new Analytics installation for you, but most of our clients come to us with an analytics program already installed on their website. Unfortunately, we almost always find errors in the setup and configuration of our clients’ analytics. During this step we will perform a thorough audit of your analytics, discovering data gaps and other missing or incorrect setups that could be causing your data to be incomplete or inaccurate. This step is finished when we have thoroughly tested every step in your website tracking system and determined that everything is being recorded correctly.

Pixel & Tag Manager Installation

Third-party tools (such as Facebook, your email service provider, and remarketing services like Adroll) require the addition of some tracking code or a “pixel” to your website. Installing this tracking pixel will help us to bring you far superior results using these tools. And rather than hard-code this information on your site, we instead prefer to implement Google Tag Manager. This ensures that you will always have a fast and easy way to add or remove new tracking pixels (plus any other Javascript or HTML) to your website.

UTM Parameter Configuration

A UTM code (or “Urchin Tracking Module”) is a snippet of code added to the end of any URL. Have you ever clicked on a link and noticed that the browser bar contains extra text after the base URL? This is a UTM code, and it helps the website owner to determine exactly how you came to their website. Without UTM codes, your Google Analytics data will not be able to tell you exactly where your visitors are coming from—which of course is one of the most important pieces of information for any business to know. That’s why we take time to help configure your own UTM parameters to make sure your Google Analytics data is properly segmented and always displays the accurate source, medium, and campaign for your visitors.

Monthly Reporting

While tools like Google Analytics are capable of analyzing massive amounts of data, sorting through that data to find the most important bits of information can be confusing and overwhelming if you aren’t an analytics expert. That’s why we take the time to translate the statics for you so you can understand in plain English what’s going on with your website and what steps you can take to improve performance.

Deep Dive Analysis

Data, by itself, is useless. It’s what you learn from that data that can help provide the piercing insights that lead to rapid business growth. Using all the tools at our disposal, we’ll analyze your visitors’ demographics and behavior to determine who is coming to your website, what they’re doing there, and why they’re leaving. Using this information we can start to fix the problems and sticking points in your sales funnel to help you earn more sales and revenue from your website.

Advanced Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is a complex and powerful tool with a number of advanced features that will not apply to everyone. Depending on your needs, however, we are capable of setting up these advanced features in your account:

  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Views & Filters
  • Goals & Visualizations
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Data Imports
  • Custom Reporting

Long story short: if there’s a piece of data that would be helpful for your company to have, we’ll figure out how to track it, then help you to use that data to optimize the performance of your website.

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