Drive Cost-Effective Business Results with Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing Is an Essential Part of Any Effective Marketing Strategy

At its heart, the concept behind advertising is simple: find where your customers are hanging out, and use advertising to reach them there. If your customers are housewives who read Vanity Fair, then place your ads in Vanity Fair; if you sell to men who watch ESPN, then advertise your brand on the sports network. The same principle applies to social media marketing.

And with 2.8 billion users worldwide, social media is officially one of the biggest mediums in the world for reaching your audience and generating new customers.1 And over the past few years, it’s become clear that social media can do more than simply reach consumers. It can also have a significant impact on their buying decisions and even generate a staggeringly high ROI:

  • One survey found that social media provides a whopping 95% ROI on average, with one-third of those in the survey reporting a social media ROI of 150%.2
  • 95% of all online adults age 18-34 follow a brand through social media, and 92% of those age 35-44 do the same.3
  • 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others.4
  • 77% of Millennials have made a purchase (either online or in-store) after viewing a product on Facebook.5
  • Social media has matured quickly as an advertising platform, as evidenced by a $19.3 billion worldwide social media ad spend.5 This massive worldwide investment is further proof that advertising on social media flat-out works.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

You may be wondering: Why should I advertise on social media when there are so many other effective marketing channels? The answer is simple: because social media offers some huge benefits—many of which you simply can’t get with any other kind of marketing.

It’s Cost-Effective

Social media marketing is much cheaper than most traditional advertising like TV, radio, or billboards. And unlike many of those marketing methods, social media is scaleable. You can scale your campaigns up or down to spend as much, or as little, as you choose.

In fact, a recent cross-channel media costs comparison study found that social media has one of the lowest CPMs (cost to reach 1,000 people) out of all the possible marketing channels. The cost to reach 1,000 people through radio: $10. TV: $28. Direct mail: $57. The cost to reach that same number of people through social media: $2.50.6

It’s Interactive

Social media is the ONLY marketing channel that allows you to interact and engage with your customers. It’s a two-way street, which means you can answer questions, respond to comments, and create a deeper connection with your customers.

It’s Targeted

Compared to traditional marketing, social media offers far superior targeting. In other words, rather than displaying your ad to all the viewers of a certain TV channel or radio station, you can target your ads to each individual user—making sure that your ads are shown only to the people who fit your target demographic.

It’s Measurable

With offline marketing, there’s one big challenge: trying to track results and measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Because it’s often difficult to tie revenue back to a TV or radio campaign, businesses are often left in the dark to wonder: Am I spending my  money wisely, or wasting it?

But with social media marketing, measuring and tracking results turns into a strength. We’ll be able to track conversions (purchases, web leads, sign-ups, etc.) back to a specific campaign and ad. So we will always know what the return of your social media campaigns are, which allows us to optimize your spend for greater ROI.

It Generates Real Results

Finally, and most importantly, it’s essential to realize that social media marketing is a cost-effective marketing channel that drives real business results at a significant scale. Social media marketing is an effective way to...

  • Build brand awareness
  • Establish social proof
  • Generate leads
  • Drive traffic and conversions
  • Social Networks 

We focus our efforts on the “big 4” social media networks that provide the biggest reach and the best bang for your buck:


Facebook has rapidly risen to become one of the most effective marketing channels in the world. The key to Facebook’s effectiveness? Its plethora of data on each of its 2 billion monthly users. Because Facebook knows so much about us—where we’re from, what we like and don’t like, even what our friends and family likes and dislikes—it has the potential to serve ads to an incredibly well-targeted audience.


Instagram has over 700 million users and is one of the fastest-growing social media networks in the world. And because it’s owned by Facebook, you can create and serve ads using Facebook’s advertising tools. What’s more, Instagram has been proclaimed “The King of Social Engagement” by Forrester Research. Why? Instagram’s engagement rate was 4.21%, which is more than 58 times higher than that of Facebook (0.07%) or Twitter (0.03%). Combine a rapidly growing social media network with sky-high engagement statistics, and you have the makings of an incredibly valuable place to advertise.


Pinterest may be smaller than Facebook and Instagram, but it has one big thing going for it: it’s an ecommerce company’s dream. In many cases, consumers use their Pinterest boards as sophisticated “wish lists.”

Did you know that... 

  • 93% of people on Pinterest have used it to plan a purchase?
  • 72% of people on Pinterest have seen something on Pinterest and then purchased it offline?
  • People coming from Pinterest spend an average of $50 on Shopify?7

These are just a few of the compelling reasons that make Pinterest users such a valuable group of people for ecommerce companies to advertise to.


Hands down, LinkedIn is the leading social media network out there for professionals and B2B companies. It’s a great network for reaching executives and managers in any industry. If you’re trying to reach professionals in a certain position, company, or industry—LinkedIn is the network for you. It provides you with far more professional targeting options than any other network.

Social Media Services We Offer

We’re equipped with the expert staff and resources to handle all your social media marketing needs. The systems we have developed for creating & managing social media ads are all designed to help bring your company greater brand awareness, more leads, and increased sales...all for a better and better ROI over time.

Campaign Strategy

As a full-service digital agency, one of our biggest strengths is in helping you to create an effective and holistic digital strategy. We’ll help you figure out how social media fits into the big picture of your company’s marketing, and how to leverage this unique channel to get the most return for your ad spend.

Audience & Targeting

The key to generating a high ROI on social media is to make sure your ads are shown to a tightly focused audience. If you show the right ads to the right people, at the right time, performance is guaranteed to be stellar. This is why we go to great lengths to make sure that your audience & targeting settings are spot-on for each and every social media ad we create.

Ad Creative

With our in-house team of copywriters and designers, we’re well equipped to create a variety of visually striking ads that catch your prospect’s eye and generate high clickthru and conversion rates. We always create multiple variations on each ad for testing and ad optimization.

Testing & Optimization

Finally, we’ll manage the implementation and optimization of your social media accounts. This includes split-testing different audiences, landing pages, and ad creatives. Over time, we’ll learn which images and messages work best for your company, which will help us to refine your marketing campaigns and bring you better and better results over time.

Common Campaign Objectives

Social media marketing gives you a wide range of campaign objectives depending on the goals of your business. Some examples include:

  • Brand Awareness: Due to its low CPM, social media marketing is a great place to reach more people and increase awareness of your business.
  • Lead Generation: Lead generation campaigns can work particularly well on social media, such as with Facebook Lead Ads.
  • Retargeting: Social media provides a great channel for retargeting visitors who have visited your site and left without converting.
  • Promoted Content: One of the most effective ways to nurture leads and build credibility with your audience is by promoting high-quality content that’s relevant to your product or service. Keep that content coming, and sooner or later your prospects will begin to see you as a source of authority in your industry.

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