Off The Beaten Path

The Problem

Off The Beaten Path is a boutique travel company that aims to change people's lives through exceptional one-of-a-kind travel experiences. The OBP brand was well-established and used many traditional forms of advertising like brochures and print catalogs to attract new business. However, the existing website lacked search visibility, content management capabilities, and an updated look and feel.

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The Solution

BKMedia Group was tasked with rethinking the user journey for the marketing website, and developing a defined sales funnel for customers to review expeditions and book their trip. 

We developed and implemented a custom trip selector with filters to assist visitors with finding a trip in the region they wanted. The trip templates featured large captivating imagery, itineraries, videos, maps, and hotels. The imagery was key in illustrating the quality of trips OBP has to offer, so we needed to make sure each photo was optimized for fast-loading pages and ideal mobile experience. 

The site development was focused on integrating OBP’s Salesforce CRM, which houses the trip content, with the WordPress platform and templates. Custom fields within Salesforce were mapped to specific content areas within WordPress, so all of the trip related content could be refreshed dynamically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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The Impact

Reworking the content framework allowed Off The Beaten Path to pull trip & travel data directly from their Salesforce CRM, eliminating redundancy and streamlining site administration. The refreshed user interface and improved user experience lead to a large increase in organic traffic and time on site. The largest increase was seen in the number of catalog requests and trip inquiries.

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