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billion/day is the average Americans spend traveling domestically & internationally.


of bucket listers plan to cross one or more destinations off their list in the coming year.


of Americans prefer booking hotels online.

Get More Qualified Leads When Users Are Ready to Buy

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38% of travel bookings are made on the same day, or two days before a trip. 53% are made within a week, and only 19% are made in advance.

Our proven digital marketing process will make sure you generate more qualified leads and nurture them until they book — whether your customers are browsing in advance or booking last minute.

Stay Top of Mind with Past Travelers

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In the digital age, your clients are faced with endless options and promotions.

57% of travelers feel that travel brands should tailor their information based on that user’s personal preferences or past behaviors.

We’ll use behavior-based email drip campaigns to address the changing needs of past customers, and use SEO best practices to make sure your company shows up for search queries that resonate with past and future travelers.

Using our digital advertising networks, we can also display tailored banner ads to previous visitors as they browse other sites—whether they visited this morning or have not been back in two weeks.

Understand Current Customers

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It’s easy to assume certain demographics about your current audience. But if you’re not looking at the data, you could be speaking to the wrong users at the wrong time.

The first step in creating your custom digital marketing strategy is a data-driven persona process that will ensure you know exactly who your target audience is, what they want, and how you can meet their every need.

Provide a Personalized, Seamless Booking Experience

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80% of online users prefer to self-serve in order to get the information that they need. Your users expect online transactions to be quick and painless, and for communication to be driven by their individual needs.

If your desktop and mobile site makes users bushwack to find what they want, they’ll be quick to choose the path of least resistance by choosing another agency to guide them.

Using analytics and heat mapping, we’ll help you better understand your users’ behaviors so you can provide a completely custom online experience that anticipates and addresses their individual wants and needs.

Compete with OTAs

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The rise of online travel giants like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Kayak has made travel more accessible. This has made a strong, targeted digital experience a necessity for smaller shops to stay relevant and provide a personal experience for users.

Our comprehensive multi-channel digital marketing strategy will make sure your company’s web presence shines out of the crowd like a trail marker in a dense forest.

Plus, we’ll craft blogs that prove your authority on specific topics — whether it be a region like a national park, an activity like kayaking, or a specific type of travel, like going solo or planning a family trip.

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With years of experience serving our travel and tourism partners, we’ve helped countless agencies expertly navigate the digital marketing wilderness and achieve their goals. Some of our travel and tourism partners include:

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BKMedia Group offers a multi-channel digital marketing strategy designed to help your organization build brand equity, drive traffic and convert browsers into bookers.

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