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BKMedia Group offers a unique approach to supporting our clients’ digital marketing needs. We provide results-oriented, metric-driven interactive marketing, enabling our clients to accomplish marketing objectives via a search and conversion optimized website. 

We help businesses and organizations understand the value of their online presence, and that “just having a website” is not enough to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Our goal is nothing short of delivering the ultimate user experience, customized development, and enhanced search exposure, resulting in increased traffic, increased leads and increased conversions. 

We model our primary services around five fundamental principles to digital marketing. Each is dependent upon one another and play an equal role in your online presence. 

  1. User Experience - What should users do on your website?
  2. Brand Equity - How can we build an audience for our brand?
  3. Driving Traffic - How do you get people to your website?
  4. Conversions - How do we turn visitors into paying clients?
  5. Reporting - What works and what doesn’t?

Use Metrics to Make Informed Decisions

Its important to understand that your online presence is never "completed". Once you've built a website, the site content, functionality, and user-experience need to be revisited on a consistent basis. We circle back on the user interface design, the traffic, and the conversion points of a website month after month, using the data to continually improve the likelihood for conversion. 

BKM process circle

Scoping & Proposing

During a formal needs-analysis, we learn about your business, your goals, and what you're been doing to accomplish them. We don't rush the proposal process, and will often meet several times to outline the best plan of action, scoping the project to assure an accurate estimate and clear communication. We know that not every inquiry is a good match, so we carefully ask the necessary questions and take a snapshot of a potential client's holistic needs. Once we have a good understanding of your business objectives, BKMedia Group will provide you with a proposal, and work with you to ensure that all of your needs will be addressed.

Kick Off

If our services and your organization are a fit for each other we start by hosting a kick off meeting, giving our team members a chance to review a creative brief with you. These meetings are a critical part of the process, where the relationship takes shape. It also marks the handoff from the sales team to our fulfillment and project management team. Follow up meetings with respective team members are scheduled and timelines and expectations are set.

Project Management

All projects receive a dedicated project manager and are managed through our project-management system. Every line item on your estimate is converted into a ticket in our system, time budgets are set and diligently tracked, and timelines are established for every phase of your project. 


For one-time projects or monthly campaigns, BKMedia Group will manage your project's production with the utmost care and accountability. Let us hold your hand and guide you through the process, giving you greater insight into the team members, responsibilities, timeline, and protocol.


In preparing for launch, we must go through a series of steps to assure a smooth launch. Determining when a site is ready for launch is another subject altogether. Many organizations want to wait until the site is fully-polished prior to going live, but there can be problems with waiting too long. When in doubt, get your site live sooner than later so that you can get indexed by Google and start receiving search engine credit as soon as possible.

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