Our Strategy At-A-Glance

Lead Acquisition + Ongoing Nurturing = Increased CLTV

We use media buying to attract your ideal audience with targeted advertising, and leverage email/SMS to engage, nurture and convert your customers, increasing customer lifetime value at each touchpoint.

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We Offer an Effective, Repeatable Process

Ads drive quality traffic for new customer acquisition, and email & SMS ensure customer retention by capturing zero & first-party data and serving customers an ideal experience.

People come to your site from 8 primary channels

The first 4 are direct, organic search, social media, and referral. Each of these requires a long-term, multi-year, substantial investment to become a meaningful traffic source, particularly because success with these channels relies on people already knowing who you are.

The remaining 4 channels, search advertising, social advertising, email marketing, and SMS marketing, allow us to generate real results quickly and help build the brand awareness that will support all of your channels over time.


Media Buying for Acquisition

Step 1: Get your brand in front of the proper audience.


Paid Search & Paid Social

Brands can run ads on a lot of different platforms online. Regardless of platform, media buying online can be broken into two types of targeting categories:

  1. Intent: Target people based on specific terms they’re searching for online. Search marketing allows brands to get in front of consumers who know what they’re looking for and are ready to convert. 
  2. Behavior: Target people based on what we know about them, their interests, and their activities. Social media advertising allows brands to get in front of consumers who’s profiles fit their target demographic. 

Understanding Your Audience

Brands can display ads to different audiences online. Broadly, there are two primary audiences we care about:

  1. People who know who you are: Someone who is searching for your brand name, has been on your site, or follows you on social media.
  2. People who don’t know who you are: Someone who searches for something you offer or shows interest in something related to your offering.

Email & SMS for Nurturing

Step 2: Turn customers into brand ambassadors and maximize ROI.

While new customer acquisition platforms like YouTube, Google, and Instagram often necessitate a component of paid ad placement, email marketing is owned media. This means brands control their campaigns and audiences without paying for each touchpoint.

Ads drive quality traffic, but email & SMS ensure retention and maximize customer lifetime value. Onsite forms and site tracking capture zero and first-party data from the highest quality leads from all traffic, which can then be used for future marketing and to find lookalike ad audiences.


Be a giving brand, not a taking one

Brands can stay in front of their audience, increase loyalty, and improve engagement by delivering useful information and relevant content to their audience that speaks directly to their interests. 

When brands position themselves as a helpful resource and give rather than take, consumers don’t feel like their being sold to.

Instead, they choose to spend their hard-earned money with the brands that have helped them through their journey.

Our Guarantee

After the first 3 months, you’ll have our best-in-class digital marketing foundation infrastructure in place and ready for our team or your team to use, guaranteed, or you get your money back*.

*Assuming you provide us access to all necessary platforms and tools.


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