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We’re able to find success because we have the team to back it up.

Our team of marketing pros generates website visits that translate directly into sales, year after year, for our clients.

Our Vision

Located in Boulder County, Colorado, our vision is to help share the transformational power of outdoor recreation and travel by partnering with brands that provide their customers with the opportunity for new adventures.

We believe that any problem can be solved with an adventurous spirit — whether that means escaping into the great outdoors or exploring new perspectives and insights.

We also believe that digital marketing should open our minds to new landscapes, stories, and perspectives, which provides the invaluable gifts of experience, wisdom, and understanding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to position our partners as industry leaders by creating, managing, and optimizing integrated digital marketing campaigns that combine media buying and email/SMS marketing ​to raise brand awareness and accelerate growth.

Our model is rooted in the power of audience alignment and lead generation, which serves as the recipe for success for nearly every industry and business.

We specialize in the travel and outdoor industry and partner best with lifestyle brands. We’re nimble and diverse while also being specialized, aligning our agency with brands that share a need for our proven formula.

In seeming defiance of his last name, BKMedia Group’s Founder and CEO, Brad Moss, has always lived by the motto “a rolling stone gathers no moss.”

Brad’s upbringing was rooted in world travel: His father was a pilot, and his mother was a flight attendant. Globetrotting became second nature to him, as intuitive as learning to ride his first mountain bike or pitch a tent in Boy Scouts.

As Brad grew older, his instinct to chart new territories only grew stronger. One area of evidence is on a golf course in 1984, where he was crazy enough to set foot on his friend’s 1st generation Burton Performer snowboard at the Abbey Golf Course — long before mountain resorts allowed snowboarding on their slopes. From that moment he was hooked, and knew nothing could keep him from pursuing his passion of the outdoors to the fullest.

Brad has never stopped exploring everything life has to offer — from bombing down untouched chutes in the backcountry to crunching out the final miles of marathons to coming nose-to-nose with elephants on a safari in Botswana.

His inclination to forge paths doesn’t end where concrete begins.

While he was portaging canoe trips in the Canadian boundary waters as a kid, Brad also won art competitions. After he received his degree in graphic design & advertising from Colorado State University, Brad knew whatever he did with his life, professionally or otherwise, would be driven by his creative spirit.

BKMedia Group was born from the collision of these two powerful forces: the drive to push creative boundaries and the zeal for adventure.


Our Process

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Meet Our

Our team is small and curated for a reason. Every member at BKMedia Group has been selected for their creative drive, technical expertise, and shared love for new adventures.

Liz Wallace

Account Executive

Liz drives our clients' success through innovative strategy and creativity. She has an international marketing and business development background with a Master's in Marketing, allowing her to approach marketing from a unique and holistic perspective. Having lived and worked in China and Spain in recent years, Liz has managed email campaigns, media buying, and content marketing strategies for multiple international companies.

Dustyn Deerman

Email Marketing Coordinator

Dustyn works closely with the Email Marketing Director to design strategic email campaigns that highlight your brand’s most important milestones and events. Whether it’s a major seasonal sale or engaging new content, Dustyn drives traffic to your site to boost engagement. With a background in language arts and media, she’s skilled at expressing your brand’s unique voice and visual identity with every email. 

Seamus Fearons

Email Marketing Coordinator

Seamus works with the rest of the Email Marketing team to design email & SMS campaigns and automations for your brand. Seamus graduated from CU Boulder with a focus in Media Production and Business. He spends his free time camping with his pup, fly fishing on the river, and exploring backcountry terrain in the winter.

Bradley Moss


Since graduating from Colorado State University, Brad has worked for agencies in Chicago and Seattle with clients like Microsoft, Nintendo, and MLB, before moving back to Colorado to open BK in 2001. From onboarding to reporting, Moss ensures a transparent, enriching, and engaging client experience as the CEO and founder of the agency. 

Christopher Ford


Christopher works with you to set goals, develop a strategy to reach those goals, and oversees the implementation of that strategy. He's Klaviyo Email and SMS Master Certified and a whiz at translating data to strategy. His hobbies include collecting (and spinning) vinyl records, playing piano, and always saying yes to overly complicated board games. 

Shonda Lehtola Andrist

Accounts Payable / Receivable

Shonda is our bookkeeper extraordinaire. With 20+ years of managing books, AR, AP, and tax management experience, you'll want to play nice with this one — she's all-powerful.

You get the picture. We’re artsy adventure freaks in Colorado and we love to partner with brands who share our passions.

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