How Twitter is Reinventing the #WorldCup Experience

Are you a World Cup fan? Do you wake up at two in the morning to watch your teams play? If so, you should definitely create a Twitter account (if you haven’t already) because you don’t want to miss what they are bringing to the table for #WorldCup2014. Before we dive into Twitter’s new offerings, I encourage you to watch this 1 minute video produced by Twitter to get you into the spirit of this post.

Twitter, like other major social networks, is trying its best to ensure that fans of the game (both the permanent and the temporary ones) can have fun on the site interact with all things football.

First-Time Twitter User Perks 

If you’re an avid football fan who is looking to follow the World Cup action on Twitter you’re in luck! Twitter has made it easier than ever to show off your team’s colors and follow the action right from your computer or smartphone. After you sign in and create a username, Twitter gives you the option to choose which team you want to support and offers a variety of team oriented profile photos and backgrounds. Twitter will offer helpful suggestions on who & what to follow, such as teams, players, coaches and keep you updated on matches via match timelines.


Photo Credit: Twitter

I have a Twitter profile, how do I follow the action?

The best way to follow the action is to follow the World Cup timelines by searching or clicking on the World Cup hashtags: #WorldCup or #WorldCup2014. In the World Cup timeline, you can view Tweets related to the World Cup from people in your network, along with relevant Tweets from teams, players, coaches, press, fans in the stadiums and celebrities. The World Cup timeline has a list of all the teams, upcoming matches and even a match scoreboard.


Photo Credit: Twitter

If you want specific details about the matches as they happen you can follow the match timelines. The match timeline shows Tweets about specific matches that are happening in real time, to help you keep up with the latest goals, saves, fouls and more — even if you’re not near a TV. 

Within the next couple of days, Twitter will be updating profiles for each team to include a list of the players and match scores. 

Now I can follow the action but how do I get in on it?

Hashflags! Never heard of a hashflag before? A hashflag is exactly what it sounds like: a hashtag flag. Hashflags allow users to embed flag emoticons into their Tweets by using the countries three letter code. For example if you wanted to use the team USA hashflag you could tweet something like this: “Go team #USA!” The emoticon would appear right after the USA hashtag.

Hashflags were introduced at the World Cup game back in 2010 and have returned for the 2014 games. They are a great way to support your country’s team and add a little color to each Tweet. Celebrities like Shakira have gotten in on the action:

To see the full list of country codes, click over to the hashflag article on

Stoppage Time

Whether you’re a current Twitter user or not, if you’re an avid football fan I highly encourage you to give a hashflag a try; show some love for your country or teams you support, I promise the colorful flags will make you smile. 

Get out there and spread your team spirit! Go team #USA! #WorldCup2014.

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