Carefree Dental

The Problem

Carefree Dental approached our team requesting assistance with building a website with the specific purpose of promoting their discount dental card. We needed to create an online presence where visitors could learn about the dental card, find providers in their area, and sign up for a membership. In addition, Carefree Dental needed unique content to help bolster their SEO presence and speak to visitor’s dental concerns.

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The Solution

After the initial strategy and planning, we designed a developed a brand-centric website that focused on driving the user to a single conversion point. With the addition of video assets and custom icons, we created a high-converting website for the client.

We set up several integrations to pull in provider information based on search parameters, send membership signups to the company’s system for authentication, and generated a dynamic membership card based on a successful purchase.

Since the launch of the original website, our team has continued to work with Carefree Dental to refresh and optimize the user experience.

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The Impact

Since the initial launch of the website, Carefree Dental has expanded its offerings to include vision and prescription benefits, $2,000 in bonus accident dental benefits, and coverage for the whole family. In collaboration with additional vendors, Carefree Dental has seen an increase in website traffic and signups.

“As the Chief Marketing Officer of Coverdell, I have been working with BKMedia Group for several years. Over that time, the entire organization has become fully embedded within my day-to-day operations. Words cannot capture how grateful I am to the entire team for their ongoing dedication to our business.”

— Jonty Yamisha, Coverdell

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