Dynamic Retargeting Ads Generate 312% Return on Ad Spend


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The Background

Mountain Home Building Products is a log home products distributor of log home stains, finishes, chinking and caulking material, and application tools. They carry top brands at discounted prices including Weatherall, Nature’s Edge, and SmartStrip.

Migrating our previous site to the Shopify platform opened the door for dynamic Facebook advertising.

Prior to using a Shopify site, we were forced to manually build a Facebook product catalog. This process proved to be both time consuming and limiting in the products we could advertise.

After the switch to Shopify, a plugin allowed us to generate a dynamic feed of all products and sync with Facebook, including an automatic daily refresh. 

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The Execution

By uploading a comprehensive product feed to Facebook, we were able to create a dynamic, always-on campaign that retargeted users who viewed products and/or abandoned cart.

Ad creative included image, description, and price of the products each user had previously viewed or added to their cart.


  • Retarget warm leads and website visitors
  • Convert cart abandonments into sales
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The Result

In the first three months after launch, this low-funnel retargeting campaign generated a conversion value more than three times our ad spend. 

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