Facebook Lead Gen and Downstream Marketing Converts 9.86% of Leads


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The Background

Carefree Dental provides an alternative to traditional dental insurance. Customers pay a flat rate every month for a dental discount card that works in one of the largest networks of providers nationwide.

Prior to launching a Facebook Lead Gen campaign, Carefree Dental’s primary marketing channels were DRTV advertising, direct mail, and inbound/outbound telemarketing. The sales funnel worked by generating leads via DRTV and following up with direct mail & IBTM/OBTM.

Our objective was to generate leads in the digital space through paid social ads — a channel that had not yet been leveraged by this client.

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The Execution

We utilized Facebook Lead Ads, an ad unit which collects user information through a form that’s pre-populated with information the user shared with Facebook, such as their name, number, or email.

A carousel ad described and offered our service “at no cost now,” while requiring activation before use.

We created a product “ekit,” which was sent digitally to each lead after they submitted the Lead Form, in addition to the existing direct mail and telemarketing follow-up. We targeted a Lookalike Audience based on our best existing customers.


  • Reach new prospects
  • Generate leads
  • Drive conversions via downstream marketing
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The Result

The campaign generated 21,447 leads in 3 months at an average cost of $8.18 per lead. Following downstream marketing, 9.86% of leads converted which validated Facebook as a successful lead generation platform.

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