Email Marketing Automation Converts Users at a 785% Higher Rate than Site Average


Increase in Save Quote rate


Higher conversion rate than site average


email addresses captured

The Background

Our client is one of the oldest fortune 500 life insurance companies in the United States. In 2015, they become a national provider of direct-to-consumer individual dental insurance plans.

BKMedia Group was approached by the client to market their direct-to-consumer individual dental insurance product. The product is sold on a separate site.

The website provides a quick and easy online quote tool where users are able to enter their location, age, and dependents directly in the tool and generate a quote for dental insurance. The quote process at the time did not collect email addresses.

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The Execution

We launched a campaign where users are asked to enter their email address before receiving their quote, so they could save the quote for later.

Users’ email addresses are entered into a marketing automation campaign, where they receive a 5-email drip campaign that reminds them to return to their quote and make a purchase.


  • Collect email addresses from potential customers
  • Nurture and convert leads
  • Increase conversion rate
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The Result

In the first month, 3,280 users saved their quote. After optimization of the lead capture, the number of users who saved their quote increased to 21,882 — an increase of 567%.

96.7% of users who got a quote saved their quote. By the end of the fourth month, we captured 41,843 email addresses.

The conversion rate of the “save a quote” users was 4.16%, 785% higher than the site average of 0.47%.

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