Organic Keyword Research Increases High Value Keyword Placements


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The Background

Children’s Choice is a pediatric dentist chain that specializes in serving underserved communities across the state of California. Currently, there are over 20 Children’s Choice locations, with new locations opening in 2021.

BKMedia Group started working with Children’s Choice in January 2020. Our agreement included a multi-channel strategy consisting of Digital Advertising and Content Marketing.

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Our Objectives

The goals of our content strategy with Children’s Choice was to build brand trust, increase organic search results, and drive users to the appointment signup page.

Our organic keyword research strategy aims to increase our search engine rankings by crafting dynamic blog content based on a variety of focused discovery keywords — meaning non-branded, product- and persona-focused keywords with high monthly searches.

The Landscape

During our first month working together — January 2020 — the Children’s Choice website saw 1,843 sessions from organic search, and 93 new appointment form submissions through that channel.

February was our first full month of tracking blog data. The blog KPIs for February 2020 were as follows:

  • New users to the site: 84
  • Pageviews: 124
  • Entrances to the site via the blog: 13
  • Average time on page: 42 seconds
  • Bounce rate: 61.54%

The Execution

After establishing the client’s audience personas, developing the brand voice document, and completing the organic keyword research strategy, we took our findings from these 3 foundational processes to draft our strategic blog editorial calendar.

From there, we began crafting one long-form (at least 1,000 words) blog a month. Each month, we measured our progress via important blog and organic search KPIs in our monthly report.

“Is fluoride bad for you?” and “when to start brushing baby teeth” were some of the biggest opportunities to grow site traffic that we identified in our organic keyword research strategy.

We crafted the following blogs to target these specific keyword phrases and go after higher SEO placement:

The Result

In January of 2021, after publishing one strategic blog a month for 12 months, we measured our year-over-year organic search growth.

That month, the site saw 3,891 sessions driven by organic search — a 111% increase over January 2020 — and 185 new appointment forms through that channel — a 99% increase.

Just 4 months later, in May of 2021, our organic search traffic had already increased by another 24%, to 4,834 sessions driven that month.

From Q2 of 2020 to Q2 of 2021, we improved Children’s Choice’s organic search ranking for the search term “pediatric dentist” by over 62 places across the entire United States.

We also drove big improvement in localized search terms, improving their ranking for “pediatric dentist San Diego” by 71 placements, and moved them from unranked to #6 for the term “pediatric dentist oxnard.”

The high-value keywords like fluoride and brushing baby teeth — which we identified in our organic keyword research process — went from having 0 visibility (no ranking, impressions or clicks on Google) in Q2 of 2020 to 70.6k impressions and 1.77k clicks to the website in Q2 2021.

Fluoride keywords that we ranked for saw an average ranking of 11.1 with some as high as #2 nationwide. Terms related to brushing baby teeth saw an average ranking of 12.7, also reaching as high as #2 nationwide.

When comparing the top blog KPIs for Q2 of 2020 to Q2 of 2021, the results are astounding:

  • New users to the blog: 6,568 (up by 2,614%)
  • Pageviews: 8,038 (up by 1,464%)
  • Entrances to the site via the blog: 7,604 (up by 5,376%)
  • Average time on page: 3 minutes and 24 seconds (up by 151.2%)
  • 7 new appointment forms driven by the blog (up by 600%)
  • 9 contact clicks driven by the blog (up by 125%)

Take Aways?

  • A competitive organic keyword research strategy is key to knowing which search terms your brand needs to rank for to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Your dynamic content — aka your blog — is one of the most powerful tools for capitalizing on those keywords.
  • SEO and content marketing aren’t 2 separate efforts. Employing an expert persona- and keyword-driven content strategy is the way for your brand to increase your entire site’s organic search traffic — and not just any search terms, but specifically the targeted traffic that matters most.
  • Understanding the buyer journey has made a big difference in our ability to optimize conversions for our other clients, too.

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