Shopify + MailChimp Integration Increases Online Sales by 2,882%


Increase in email sales


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The Background

Weatherall is a leading brand of log home stain, chinking and caulking products. Their products specialize in UV protection, extreme durability, and simple maintenance. They sell their products online through their website and resellers.

Our first step to increase Weatherall’s online sales through the email list was migrating the old Weatherall site to Shopify. This move allowed for increased integration between the site and the new email platform, MailChimp.

With the connection between the two sites, we were able to create emails and pull products directly from the Shopify site, with little to no work required. Once the site transfer was complete, we used the increased integration to create automations based on users’ activity on the site, such as email subscriptions, add to carts, and purchases.

We conducted a customer survey to gather more information about our customers and tailored our content and email strategy to align with their needs.

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The Execution

We established a weekly email blast that contained mix of content-heavy, promotional, and sales-oriented emails to increase sales. We integrated MailChimp with Weatherall’s Shopify site to create seamless emails and to efficiently build product emails.

We utilized a free application to create a pop-up on the Weatherall site to build the email list, which offered 10% off a customer’s first order when they joined the email list. The pop up was on every page and displayed on page load, unless the user had seen it in the last 10 days.

Additionally, we established cart abandonment emails that were sent to clients within 24 hours of abandoning their cart to encourage customers to reconsider their products of interest.


  • Increase online sales
  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow email list
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The Result

Sales generated from our email campaigns increased 2,882%, from $577 to $17,204. Email sales accounted for 0.7% of total sales in 2016, and 49.3% of sales in 2017.

Email traffic increased by 223.4% from 342 sessions to 1,106 sessions.

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