Drive Leads, Convert Potential Opportunities & Analyze Your Data Effectively with a Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy.

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website and Guide Customers Through Your Brand Journey With a Customized Digital Marketing Strategy.

96% of Americans shop online. If you don't have an effective digital marketing strategy to get your brand in front of online users, you won't get noticed. 

Business needs to leverage digital marketing channels like SEO, Search engine marketing, marketing automation and social media advertising to connect with their audience. 

Nowadays, digital marketing goes way beyond banner ads on busy websites, or an email here and there.

How Digital Marketing Channels Work Together

At BKMedia Group, we offer a multi-channel digital strategy that’s designed to help your business build brand equity, drive traffic, convert leads and sell products.

From your brand’s website to your online ads—email marketing to blogs—there are several channels that make up a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

Guide Your Leads Down The Buyer Funnel

The marketing funnel explains the steps your visitors take from the moment they first learn about your brand to when they decide to make a purchase—and their continued brand affinity after that. 

All of our digital marketing channels lean on each other to achieve the goals of each campaign. And when each channel is fully optimized, we can drive leads down the buyer funnel toward a conversion.

For example, at the top of the buyer funnel, your Content Marketing strategy could include creating an ebook to help generate leads. 

From here, your Paid Social Media Advertising strategy can flex its muscle by finding and targeting your ideal audience to promote the ebook across your business’ social media channels. 

Content Marketing helps the brand build authority and showcase subject matter expertise in a niche; and works hand in glove with SEO which contributes by growing the brand’s online presence and increasing organic traffic.

Then further down the funnel, when users are ready to buy what you’ve got to offer, your Search Engine Marketing strategy shines by serving up keyword-targeted ads.

Email Marketing can help you stay connected to customers and leads with new offers, content and more. We can nurture cool leads with content delivered to their inbox, and we can complete the customer experience with email automation after the conversion.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Here's an introduction to each of the individual digital marketing channels and how each channel plays an integral role in our marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO services help improve your organic search presence and drive qualified traffic to your site. We start by developing an SEO audit, performing competitive research, industry analysis, and keyword research, and begin driving traffic, tracking our progress with marketing analytics.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Improve visibility with your target audience with a powerful SEM strategy. We’ll properly set up your ad campaigns, select strategic targeting options, set up tracking tools and optimize your campaigns to maximize conversions.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

From your homepage to emails to ads, we identify and optimize the critical pieces in your website’s conversion flow so you can start turning more visitors into leads and customers. We’ll help turn your site browsers into buyers through natural and engaging action steps on your site.

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Paid Social Media Marketing

We design, optimize and manage your social campaigns to help you build brand awareness, generate leads, retarget visitors and promote your content. We’ll help you find and target your ideal audience through one of the biggest platforms in the world for generating new customers.

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Content Marketing

We write, optimize and manage your on-site and dynamic content to drive more leads, increase engagement and improve SEO rankings. We’ll help you build trust and authority with your ideal audience by providing relevant, helpful content from a cohesive brand voice.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you reach more customers and grow your business with access to your audience’s inbox. From trigger-based campaigns to lead generation campaigns to automation, we’ll help you give your current and future clients the information they crave to make an informed buying decision.

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Reporting & Analytics

By setting up and monitoring advanced analytics tools, we offer beginning-to-end tracking for your website visitors’ behavior. With this data we can identify how users are interacting with your website, and take the right steps to turn more visitors into customers.

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At BKMedia we don't just talk the talk. Our digital marketing case studies prove that we're no rookies at providing our clients with big successes.

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