9 Reasons You Need to Hire a PPC Agency ASAP

An important part of any digital marketing strategy is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC is exactly what the name implies: You as the advertiser pays when someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks on it, you don’t pay a dime.


PPC is a strategy within search engine marketing (SEM). You know when you search for something on Google and the first few results say “Ad” next to them? That’s SEM, driven by PPC. So many acronyms!


PPC is used on other search engines, too. Not that anyone really uses those other search engines…sorry Bing. 

But it’s not just SERPs (search engine results pages — seriously, the acronyms never stop) where PPC takes the spotlight. PPC is also getting the lead role in advertising on Facebook, as well as on mega online retailer Amazon’s website. 

It’s also an effective way to reach audiences on YouTube, where the average binge is 40 minutes long — that’s a lot of ad opportunity!

Why PPC is so Popular

The reason PPC is becoming the norm (rather than paying for impressions or a set budget for an ad spot) is that it’s an extremely effective way to generate leads while staying on budget. 

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, one of three things can go wrong in a PPC advertising campaign:

  1. You spend way too much for each click, beyond what your conversion rate and/or profit margin on whatever you’re selling justifies.
  2. You generate plenty of leads for a reasonable price, but they’re the wrong kind of lead because your targeting (or your landing page) sucks. In this case, you’ve paid for loads of clicks and don’t sell squat. Bummer.
  3. You get very few leads to your website, or even worse, none at all. Sure, you don’t spend much money, but the point of advertising is to spend money to make more money.

Poor PPC stats happen when you don’t target what your audience is searching for, and when your ad content doesn’t align with people’s search intent. This video is a good example of that.

On the other hand, if you nail your PPC campaign, it can be a sales windfall. 

When you dig into the effectiveness of PPC marketing done right, there’s a serious case to be made for hiring a professional PPC agency to handle this part of your digital marketing.

PPC generates higher quality leads, more conversions, and higher ROIs.  But that’s not all. Here are the top 9 reasons you need to be focusing on PPC, like yesterday.

1. PPC Generates Massive Returns

For every dollar you spend on PPC advertising, you’ll generate on average $2 in sales. That’s a 200% ROI

Keep in mind that these numbers come from industry averages — the industry being marketing professionals. PPC done wrong won’t generate that kind of ROI. 

A PPC agency, on the other hand, knows how to leverage PPC to hit those numbers.

2. PPC Leads Buy More Stuff

A person who comes to your site via a PPC ad is more likely to convert — 50% more likely than an organic searcher, in fact.

Convert means they give you money, which is, you know, kinda the point of marketing in the first place.

3. Targeting Technology Makes Finding Quality Leads Easier than Ever


No matter what platform you’re advertising on, finding your persona online is easier than ever before. 

Google, Facebook, and all your other online advertising platforms have advanced algorithms that allow you to make sure your ads are seen by people most likely to click and most likely to convert.

Accessing those high-quality leads will help you see that 200% ROI we talked about earlier. But you need someone who knows how to use these advertising platforms to specify the audience you want to target. Another good reason to hire a PPC agency.

4. PPC is One of the Best Ways to Drive Sales

In the world of digital marketing ads, PPC is one of the highest generators of conversions and revenue.

PPC drives 17% of all leads, and 12% of the leads that end in sales. It generates more sales than social media posts, content marketing, and blogs (though all of those are important marketing tools, too!)

5. Everyone Else is Doing It

80% of marketers use PPC (7 million advertisers use it on Google alone), and nearly 70% plan to increase their PPC budgets this year. Over 90% of advertisers are running ads on Facebook, where PPC plays a big role.

If everyone else is jumping off a cliff, would you do it? Hopefully not. But when everyone else is taking advantage of a powerful marketing tool and leaving your company in the dust? It’s time to jump on the bandwagon, friend.

6. Literally Everyone Uses Search

There are 80,000 Google searches every single second. That’s 7 billion searches a day and 2.5 trillion every year. 

Nearly 1.2 billion individual humans are conducting those searches. That’s a lot of people.

Ignoring PPC is ignoring the potential to reach all those people.

7. Buyers Use PPC

When people go online with the intention to buy a certain type of product and then actually buy it, they’re getting to the product page via PPC 65% of the time.

What does that mean for you? It means that PPC clickers are high quality leads with a likely intention to convert. If you aren’t using PPC and your competitor is, guess who’s getting that sale? 

Hint: It ain’t you.

8. Almost Half of All Clicks go to Above-the-Fold Results

Nearly 50% of all clicks on SERPs go to above-the-fold results. Specifically, to the top 3 results. 

PPC gives you that very first spot, which means you have a very good chance of pulling all that traffic your way.

9. Mobile Users Buy through Search

In 2020, over 200 million Americans will use their smartphones for online searches. And over 70% of those will buy products based on search results, which is where PPC lives.

On top of that, 70% of conversions on smartphones are generated specifically by Google Ads. The result is that over half of all PPC-generated purchases are happening on mobile devices.

This is why your site needs to adhere to mobile-friendly design, so when you start pulling all that traffic, you can actually seal the deal.

Why You Need a PPC Agency Right Now


With PPC stats like the ones discussed here, you’d be crazy not to prioritize this marketing channel.

But PPC advertising isn’t as easy as the numbers make it look. For starters, ad blindness is a real problem. People are prone to ignore or overlook ads that aren’t compelling and highly relevant to what they’re looking for. 

On top of that, nearly a third of all people are using ad blockers, which require expertise to get around.

These challenges mean that your targeting and ad copy has to be seriously on point, relevant to the user intent, and eye-catching.

You could maybe find an expert to do this for you in-house, but hiring a full-time PPC pro is going to cost you at least $50,000 a year

An agency can be hired for a fraction of that price and is flexible to your needs throughout the year. When you need to funnel more spending into PPC, they’re there for you. When it’s time to scale back, an agency scales with you.

At BKMedia Group, our team of digital marketing experts can cover every aspect of digital marketing, from web dev and design to content marketing and, of course, paid advertising. That includes PPC.

There’s so much we can bring to your PPC game. We research the right keywords to target the ideal audience based on their search intent — after all, people don’t always use the most obvious search terms.

And we’re serious believers in retargeting ads to bring high quality leads to your website. And as a data-driven digital marketing agency, we lean heavily on Google Analytics, UTM parameters, and more to drive all of our decision making.

When we brought our expertise to our client Steuben Press’ Google Ads efforts, we saw a 1,200% boost in leads, a 288% increase in conversions, and a 45% decrease in the cost per lead, which means a higher ROI.

If you try to do PPC yourself, you might end up flushing your ad spend down the toilet. If you want to see what PPC can really do, go with the pros.


Get started with BKMedia Group today, and you could be showing up at the top of SERPs tomorrow.

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