Author: Eric Palmer

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Giving New Meaning to the Phrase “Dead Links”

QR (quick response) codes are catching on all over. With the amount of people using smart phones these days, they provide a simple, fast way to direct people to your website, or any site. Here at BK, we use them on our business cards, allowing people to instantly check us out, as opposed to waiting until they're at home sitting infront of their computer. In today's culture of instant gratification and endless digital distractions,…

Hey @Everyone: look out for #Earthquakes

I stumbled across an article earlier this week (not StumbleUpon... that's a whole different beast) about a Chilean teen who is building up an impressive following on Twitter. He's not singing about days of the week, sharing texts from last night, or starring in movies. He's not a celebrity at all, but people care about what he has to say.

Negative Space: The Final Frontier?

Today marks the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, and the final mission of the 30 year shuttle program. NASA's not giving up on space exploration, but they're retiring the shuttles to both focus on more unmanned exploration, and design the next generation of spacecraft.