Facebook Blueprint Certification: What Is It and How Can It Help You?

You’ve tested Facebook ad after ad, boosted post after post and now you finally did it: you found a community of active Facebook followers. 


Big ups to you! With over 2.8 billion users worldwide and 1.54 billion of them on Facebook alone, it can be easy to be lost in the crowd. 

So with an ad strategy locked down and steadily growing followers, what comes next?

If you consider yourself a Facebook advertising pro, it may be time for you to reap the rewards of your new skillset by getting a digital marketing certification through Facebook’s new service, Facebook Blueprint.

What is a Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is a bevy of e-learning resources to help optimize your digital marketing processes. 

Not only are there courses to help you move forward with ad campaigns that are guaranteed to help convert users to customers, but there are also course tracks that can help you:

  • Define your target audience
  • Become fluent in Instagram
  • Design better ads
  • Monetize content

What is a Facebook Blueprint Certification?

One of the perks to Facebook Blueprint is the feature that allows you to be Facebook marketing certified with a Facebook Blueprint Certification. 

Receiving a Facebook Blueprint Certification means Facebook endorses your advanced-level competency in Facebook advertising. 

Benefits of a Facebook Blueprint Certification

The certificate can be embedded on your website, social media pages, and resume so prospects everywhere know that you’ve completed the rigorous training that Facebook provides.

This talisman of experience can give you an advantage over your competition. A certification helps build brand trust, which is the key to converting your followers into buyers. 

And the perks don’t stop at showing off your Facebook marketing abilities. 

Receiving a Facebook Blueprint Certification can also bolster your online reputation by giving you a comprehensive, personalized path to Facebook mastery with skills in:

  • Instagram advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Messenger advertising
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Ad buying and planning

How to Get Certified

Certifications are divided into 2 categories: Planning Professional and Buying Professional. Each category requires high scores in 2 exams, in addition to the core competencies exam

Planning Professional: To be certified as a Facebook Planning Professional means you’ve demonstrated the ability to plan successful ad campaigns. You’re considered advanced in multiple categories including

  • Mastering Facebook measurement solutions, or methods of understanding your buyer’s journey
  • Facebook page management
  • Optimal reach and engagement
  • Implementing effective campaign strategies
  • Maximizing audience impact

Buying Professional: Receiving a Buying Professional certification notes an advanced ability to both create and buy Facebook ads to maximize the impact of a campaign. This certification means you’ve demonstrated the ability to:

Each exam lasts about 75 minutes, and costs about $150 each

That means after completing 3 exams to receive your certification, you’ll have spent about $450.

Take a look at the qualifications of each type of certification to figure out which one suits your online marketing goals. 

If your focus is honing in on a more effective marketing strategy, aim for the Planning Professional track. Or if you’re more into learning the ins-and-outs of Facebook algorithms, reporting, and optimization, take the Buying Professional route. 

Study Tips

If you don’t pass the exam on your first go, you have to wait 30 days to retake it. 

Be sure to study up! Keep in mind that even if you’ve been an advertising pro for years, Facebook is very specific in their methodology, and the site’s algorithms often change

Take some time to review Facebook’s ad guide and familiarize yourself with things like ad troubleshooting, offers, and Instagram compatibility

Each exam comes with a study guide that outlines the goal for each course along with resources to help you learn more. If you’re not sure what you need to study on, try out the test exam first. 

Other Ways to Convert Online Leads

Still not convinced Facebook Blueprint Certification is worth the time or money?

While your time may be better spent in other facets of your business, the importance of social media marketing to leverage your brand is huge. 

The ROI speaks for itself. Social media has shown an ROI of 95%

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of social media marketing without taking time away from the things you do best, it may be time to let a professional digital marketing agency develop a social strategy that speaks for itself >  

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