How to Improve Your Marketing With Call Tracking

Thanks to the internet, there are many opportunities for marketers to connect with their customers. There are home pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, banner ads, email distributions, pop ups, social media profiles, contact forms – the list goes on and on. Each of these touch points can be easily tracked by simply plugging those URLs into Google Analytics or and reporting on conversions associated with each channel. 


But what about phone calls? How do we track the success or failure of a conversion that ends with a someone picking up a phone? Many customers still prefer to communicate via the phone and connect with a real person, so we need to make sure we’re including those “phoned-in” conversions in our reporting.

This is especially true for local service-based businesses that rely on phone calls for inbound leads. Customers will often use Google to find a local business that can solve their dilemmas and then call to schedule the service. Tracking leads attributed to inbound calls can prove difficult for marketers. With advanced online call tracking options, it’s easier to get accurate information as customers flow from the website to the phone.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking allows business owners and marketers to measure the value of inbound calls driven by their marketing efforts. (Source) Companies can obtain a variety of phone numbers that they can then associate with various ads, landing pages and other marketing campaigns. Inbound calls can then be tracked by campaign and analyzed to determine effectiveness, reach, and ROI. 

What’s Different About Online Call Tracking & How Can it Help Your Business?

Online call tracking can help you close the gap between wondering where your leads are coming from and knowing exactly how your customers found you. 

call tracking

Image Source: Infinity Call Tracking

Some online call tracking services will assign each visitor a unique phone number, also known as a legacy number, which will allow you to track how your visitors found you. The legacy number helps gather information on your customers’ movements leading up to the call. You can collect data on where the caller first discovered your business, the keywords they used to find you, how long they remained on the call, and which pages of the website they viewed. All the information is displayed in real-time as the call is received. call tracking can be linked with Google Analytics to easily record and chart data, measuring campaigns by what matters most – conversions and ROI.


Being the highly social creatures we are, it is unlikely that the need for customers to communicate over the phone will ever disappear, which is why it is important to track those leads. With advanced call tracking services, business owners and marketers can track and report on offline advertising channels by bringing them online, integrating them with the rest of their metrics and determining an ROI.

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