It’s a Big Day at BK

Today at BK is akin to an Oreo cookie: good things, sad things, and more good things. Now, I’m in no way implying that the filling of an Oreo is sad (quite the opposite) but it’s the basic sandwich concept, OK?

Good News First:

We’re please to welcome Laura Carlson to the team as Project Manager! You can read a bit about her in her bio, but let’s be honest those aren’t usually very fun. After about 3 full weeks here, here are a few things I’ve picked up:

  • She, like Brad and Rich, is originally from the Chicago area. I don’t know if she has any strong sports loyalties yet, but as a Detroit boy, I’ll undoubtedly give her flak about them if she does.
  • She lives in the mountains. Strangely, I haven’t seen much flannel in her wardrobe, but hey, it’s summer.
  • Not only does she live in the mountains, she she climbs them too – word on the street is that she’s summiting a 14er this weekend. (not bad for someone who got to Colorado in February!)
  • As of yet, she seems to be completely unfazed by the rampant sarcasm in the office every single day (that’s a good thing).

Now the Sad News:

For those who have heard already, or were quick enough to pick up on the implications of Laura’s hiring… Kreya is leaving us, and today is her last day. She wasn’t our first project manager–Jackie Boeheim held the role until moving on to CP+B–but she was the first in over a year, and despite telling us what to do for most of the last year and a half, we kinda grew to like her.

She says it’s not us, it’s her… and for once we’re inclined to believe it. She’ll be stomping over to Ireland in just a few short weeks to pursue her MBA at Trinity College in Dublin. Founded in 1592 it’s Ireland’s oldest university and seems like an OK place I guess… I mean it’s no BK but hey it’s her life.

Fun fact about Ireland: While the 4th of July is indeed a day on their calendars, they don’t celebrate it as Independence Day like we do… something Kreya once forgot when emailing a client in Ireland.

And More Good Stuff:

Our office is closed today as we team-build and team-break. We’ll be headed off to Carter Lake to play in the sun (hopefully) and water as we welcome Laura to the team and send Kreya on her way. We’ll be back in on Monday and ready to go with Laura at the helm.

Just like with Kreya, Laura will be the main point of contact for our clients and will be the one cracking the whip to make sure the rest of us are getting your work done. If you haven’t met her yet, introduce yourself with an email to – Kreya has already briefed her on your account and projects, guaranteed.

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