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The Must-Know Basics of @Twitter

Twitter has become very popular in recent years which has led to an increased use for both personal and business use. Unfortunately, there are some specific ways to correctly use Twitter (more so than on Facebook) that many people don't seem to understand. This post won't make you a great Twitter user, but it will make you a Twitter user who uses the site correctly.

How NOT to Sell Gift Cards

Mother's Day happened recently (hopefully you knew that, or you owe Mom a phone call at the very least), and one of the things my mother asked my sister and I for was a gift card to a certain store which I won't name, for their sake. The entire process, beginning to end, was ridiculously complex and vague, and struck me as a great example of ecommerce gone wrong.

Conversion Optimization: Can Your Landing Page Perform Better?

If you've been keeping up with our series, I hope I've made it abundantly clear just what a landing page is and how/why to use it. For those who might not know, I'll boil it down to one sentence: Visitors are coming to a specific page on your site that is designed to capture their information in exchange for an incentive you provide. Of course there's so much more than that, but for this week…

Best Practices in Landing Page Design

We've been talking recently about what landing pages are and the things you need to consider before tackling a custom landing page project. Assuming you've figured out who you're targeting, where they're coming from, what you want them to do and all of those important questions, what's next? What kind of elements do you use in the creation of a landing page to reach your goal?

7 Essential Questions for any Landing Page

Last week we talked at great length about just what a custom landing page is, and the main reasons behind using one. As with any project it can be easy to look past the small–yet important–details and focus on the end goal. Doing so will leave you having wasted both money and time; there are certain things that you need to consider before starting a custom landing page project.

Your Next Big Marketing Weapon: Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages

If you've ever sat down with an internet marketer, it's likely that you heard one of two terms (not to mention myriad acronyms) over the course of the conversation: Landing Page and/or Squeeze Page. Odds are you smiled, nodded, and let the conversation continue for fear of opening up another can of worms by asking "wait, what does that mean?" To be honest, we can't blame you… we've had meetings with us, too.

Color Me Retail

Last week I wrote a blog detailing an apparent obsession with purple and teal in the world of professional American sports during the 1990's. (That, or I'm a graphic design conspiracy theorist.) While the color schemes of our favorite sports teams are very important to us fans, they can and do change; most of the time they are what they are solely out of tradition. Color can play a very important, if only subconscious role…

When Purple Ruled the World

Fads come and go. In my life, I saw corduroys, Tomagotchi, DigiMon and pogs blow up, and then fall by the wayside… and that was just in elementary school. Our tastes, no matter what topic we're talking about, are always changing. As a designer, one of the things that I have always paid attention to is color, and the 90's were a special time for sports in that regard.

Is Facebook Hiding Your Posts?

Facebook can be a great tool for businesses of any size to build community and reach their customers and clients. What many people don't realize is that it's constantly changing. Yes, every so often the site undergoes a major face-lift which is usually ill-received at first, yet the outcry is just as loud once the next update hits. But more often than these major overhauls, little things are changing all of the time.