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SEO is Not Voodoo

SEO is not Witchcraft nor is it Voodoo. SEO is not pleasing Google's algorithm either. SEO is simple.

The Big Ten Gets Bigger

On Monday it was officially announced that the University of Maryland would be joining the Big Ten Conference, and it's fully expected that Rutgers will make a similar announcement later today (NOTE: They just did). This is the second expansion of the Big Ten in just 2 years, with Nebraska joining in 2011, brining the total number of schools to 14 by 2014. From a branding perspective, this move could hurt the conference.

Taking Branding to New Heights

We usually write about design-related topics, due to the fact that it's what fills our days (And nights. And dreams. And nightmares.) but sometimes we just have to post about something we think is really cool... and Red Bull Stratos is one of those things. If you're actually using the internet and reading this blog we shouldn't have to explain what Red Bull is to you, but you probably haven't heard of Stratos. Red Bull…

6 Degrees of BK – The B Stands for Bacon

Way back in the dark ages, I mean 1994, actor Kevin Bacon made the bold claim that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood, or was at the very least connected by those he had worked with. It was this claim that started the game of "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon," the challenge being to connect any actor to Kevin Bacon in no more than 6 steps. The internet has made the game much easier,…

A New Day for eBay

Remember our little chat about Microsoft and their new logo? About how it fit with the trends in branding these days? Well you can add another redesign to that list, and it's quite similar. This time it's eBay, the online marketplace giant that started 17 years ago as an auction website.

These Windows Come With A New View!

It's official: for the first time since 1987, Microsoft has a new logo! Seeing as I was born that year, I haven't known Microsoft by any other mark, though looking through their past logos I think my favorite is now the 1980-81 version, or the "Metallica version" as we've dubbed it here.

I Win A Gold Medal in Forgetfulness

The folks over at Inspix collected many of the Olympic logos from 1924–2016 (winter and summer) and it's worth a look. For as (relatively) few Olympics as I've been around for, you'd think I'd have a better memory of them. Apparently, not the case. The logos for Atlanta (96) and Beijing (08) drew instant recognition, while others like Nagano (98) and Salt Lake City (02) looked familiar, but mainly reminded me of watching those games.…

Gimme Shelter (from this logo)

I wasn't around in 1971, but I can still pick out the iconic 'tongue and lips' logo that the Rolling Stones introduced that year on their album, Sticky Fingers. The Stones have been going strong (arguably) since then, and the logo has stuck with them, even being a focal point of their 40th anniversary tour and "Best of" release, 40 Licks. Here we are 50 years later, and while the logo itself has been overlaid…

An Island (Booth) Adventure

While a lot of people travelled over the long Memorial Day weekend, BKMedia Group's own Brad Moss hit the road this weekend and headed for Seattle. It hasn't been all fun and games for him though - he's there on business. A client, Innisfree M&A Inc., is attending the 2012 NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) conference this week. Brad flew out early Saturday morning and spent much of the next two days just setting up: the Innisfree…