6 Degrees of BK – The B Stands for Bacon

Way back in the dark ages, I mean 1994, actor Kevin Bacon made the bold claim that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood, or was at the very least connected by those he had worked with. It was this claim that started the game of “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” the challenge being to connect any actor to Kevin Bacon in no more than 6 steps. The internet has made the game much easier, as you can find sites dedicated to degrees of Bacon. Our designer, Lauren Cannon, discovered last week that Google has picked up on the trends and made it even simpler.

Have you ever used Google for it’s calculator function or to find the date of a holiday? When ‘the Goog’ determines you’re asking for something like that, there’s a special kind of result that appears before the standard web pages. Well now you can also find the connection of any actor with Kevin Bacon, simply by googling their name followed by “bacon number”.

Aside from making me extremely hungry for some bacon, this whole thing got me wondering about our Bacon Number here at BKMedia Group. Now we haven’t been in any movies (that we know of), and while I made some movie posters, that doesn’t really count. (I could just make a poster for a Kevin Bacon movie, after all.)

In order to connect BK to the silver screen, I decided to use Longmont, where we’re based. Unfortunately “Longmont bacon number” turns up mostly food results (not helping with the whole appetite thing) so a little more research was in order. As it turns out, Endangered Species, a 1981 “high-tech thriller/mystery about cattle mutilation” was filmed in part in the Great Western Sugar Factory, closed in 1978. The film starred Robert Urich who is probably best known for his role in the late 70’s television series Vega$… though I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a thing he was in.

Urich has a Bacon Number of 2: He was in the 1973 Clint Eastwood (also a BN of 2) movie Magnum Force with Tim Matheson. Matheson played the role of Eric Stratton in 1978’s Animal House alongside the one and only Kevin Bacon as Chip Diller.

So, BKMedia Group » Longmont, CO » Robert Urich » Tim Matheson » Kevin Bacon. That gives us a Bacon Number of 4! It’s not the best ever, but for a bunch of people who have never been in any movies, I think it’s not too shabby! Bacon is still going strong, and movies like X-Men: First Class, with new star Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) ensure that he’ll continue to be well connected even to the freshest faces of Hollywood.

Now that that’s over with… it’s time to eat!

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