Author: Eric Palmer

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Magnet Pulling Men

Want To Generate More Online Leads? Here’s How

Getting people interested in your brand doesn’t have to involve cold calling or spending a lot of money. Read on for free and cheap lead gen tips.


Content Marketing: How America was Made!

Writing great content is only half the job; you need to share it, too! Do you have a content marketing plan?

Action! Video and Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Action! Video and Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We talk about content a lot on this blog, and for good reason! Content (without going down the rabbit hole of quality over quantity) has been and continues to be one of the driving forces behind a healthy organic web presence. But as Brad recently detailed, content isn't just written words on your site. These days, content includes many different media that your visitors can read, view, click, download, and enjoy. No matter the format,…

lets go cro

Screw the Game! You’ve Got Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is new to the game, but our love affair with sports is a sure sign it will catch on quickly with website owners.


Why Do People Doubt SEO?

If you've ever dabbled in search engine optimization, you know it can be a complicated and time-consuming venture. When done correctly, consistently, and with white-hat tactics, however, you’ll see some extremely positive results from organic search engine optimization. Strong, organic search engine optimization is our #1 priority for every client. Whether starting from scratch with a new site or beginning redevelopment on an existing site, we stand by organic optimization as a long-term solution because…


It’s Mobile or Bust: Are You Ready for Google’s New Algorithm?

If you haven't already heard, Google is implementing a new update to its ranking algorithm today and the changes for mobile search results could be drastic for some sites. Across the web, it's even been referred to as "Mobilegeddon," though that is a bit of an overreaction.

clickbait titles

Scandals, Lies and Catchy Clickbait Titles

You don't have to write scandalously or try to fit in with the "cool" blogs on the block! Here's a list of Do's and Don'ts for creating a perfect title.


Bet on Your Website, Don’t Gamble

At the beginning of June, I found myself walking the brightly lit streets and timeless casinos of Las Vegas. It was my first time in Sin City, and though "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” I couldn’t help but take away a lesson about our clients and their websites.


James Earl Jones Lied to You

“If you build it, they will come.” Sure, sure, that’s not even the right line,* but much like another often-misquoted (into fans) line of his from Star Wars**, it’s so deeply ingrained in our movie vernacular that changing it now is impossible. Jones’ character, Terrance Mann, truly believed that Kevin Costner’s corn-field baseball diamond would attract visitors–even if they didn’t know why–helping him stave off bankruptcy and allow him to keep his house. In the…