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3 Free & Easy Tools for the Reluctant Blogger (That’s You!)

Fresh, engaging content is essential to building a strong, healthy web presence. It's not a trade secret, it's common knowledge. Despite this, many businesses have yet to dedicate the proper resources to content creation. If your doctor told you to cut back on salt because of high blood pressure, you'd do it, right? If a coach told you how to improve your game, you'd practice, wouldn't you? Odds are, you'd listen to these people and…


A New, Digital Gold Rush Is Beginning

For years, a few generic Top-Level Domains like .com, .net, .org, .edu and .gov have been the foundation of the internet landscape. Now, 25 years into the life of the World Wide Web, that foundation is getting an expansion. Since October 2013, 175 new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) have been added, with as many as 1,300 possible in the next few years.


Is Your Computer at Risk? Windows XP Users… Yes

We have an important announcement for nearly a third of all computer users worldwide: As of today, April 8th 2014, Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP, which means you need to upgrade your system.


Are You a Messaging Pack Rat?

Last month, I moved across Denver from a house into an apartment. I had lived in the house for almost two years, and while that’s not an astounding amount of time in the grand scheme of things, it was long enough for me to collect lots of… stuff. As something of a ‘serial renter,’ I’m accustomed to moving and the head (or back) aches that come with it. In order to save myself some trouble…


Why are You Throwing Your Marketing Dollars Away?

Everyone’s familiar with the old adage, “you have to spend money to make money.” There’s always some kind of investment involved before we can start raking in the dough, what’s important is keeping track of those numbers. Imagine you own a company that sells four different products. After your first order, you realize bookkeeping is hard and decide not to record anything. At the end of the month, you know that you’ve sold some stock,…


Could Training Wheels be the Secret to Your 2014 Success?

A child sits uneasily on a bicycle, while a parent runs alongside, gently pushing them down the sidewalk, keeping the bike upright. Eventually, the parent has to let go and let the child succeed or fail on their own, but giving up that control, that security of safety, can be tough. Enter: training wheels. Even after the parent lets go, the child still has support to help them succeed. No parent has to give their…

Your Secret to Surviving Google’s New Search Algorithm

Few companies can claim to be as interconnected into the daily lives of their customers as Google. I use Gmail and Gchat, Youtube, Google Maps, Calendars, News, and Drive (previously Google Docs) on a daily basis, and I know I'm not alone. All of this was born from a simple search engine which grew with such popularity that their company name is now synonymous with internet search. It's interesting, in that sense, to consider how…

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Find Your Mobile Wonderland – Responsive Design

When Alice first arrives in Wonderland, she's faced with a dilemma: she wants to enter the beautiful garden, but she can't even fit her head through the door. By drinking the little bottle marked 'Drink me' Alice is able to shrink down to a size where she can fit. Realizing she's now too small to lift the key, she eats the small cake marked 'Eat me' and grows again. Alice continues to shrink and grow…

A basic CMS editor in Joomla

Are the Changes You Make to Your Website Killing It?

Once upon a time, our company really built up the ease and advantages of using a content management system (or CMS, for short). As with much in our industry, however, it didn't take long before views started to change, which in turn led to a shift in the way we work. A number of our clients have excelled at using their content management systems and have been able to manage and update their sites successfully…