The Next Generation of Tweets Is (Finally) Here

After much anticipation, Twitter will now allow for tweets over its classic 140 character limit. As of Monday, Twitter is excluding photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quote tweets from the character limit and people are HYPED. 

Consumers and businesses alike are expressing their gratitude to Twitter through, fittingly, tweets.

It seems that everyone and their mother has been waiting for this update But why all the excitement?

After reports of Twitter struggling to attract new users surfaced earlier this year, perhaps the company did some serious research as to what exactly was driving people away. This new change allows for more content per tweet and more rich media, both of which could appeal to newer audiences.

While we’re all tweeting for joy over improved user experience, will this be the saving grace for Twitter? Alongside other recent efforts to become attractive for new users and avoid the social media graveyard (RIP Myspace), the “new” 140-character tweet may be exactly what keeps Twitter in the game. 

Our thoughts? It certainly can’t hurt — but what took so long?

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