WordPress: The Travel Marketing LeadGen Tool of Your Dreams

As a business, you know the web is one of the most important tools you’ve got to reach new customers. This is especially true for travel agencies, where nearly half of all trips are booked online.


A beautiful website can help you build a positive relationship with prospective travelers — a necessary first step before they can trust you with their time, money and family.

And the ultimate dream for you and your travel company? New customers flooding to your site every day to make bookings. 

That’s where WordPress comes into the picture. As a travel company, lead generation is the embodiment of new customers and increased revenue.

And between its accessibility, massive library of plug-ins, and wide range of integration options, WordPress has everything you need to find a fresh wind in your leadgen sails.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a free software that’s designed to help businesses build great websites. It’s secure, easy-to-use (even for n00bs), and hyper customizable. 

In terms of the internet’s social rankings, WordPress is the popular quarterback. 75 million websites are built on WordPress — that’s over 1/4 of the entire internet.

And it’s a hit with travel companies, too. So much so that there are over 30 customizable WordPress themes designed specifically to help you set up a professional site for your travel company.

Why WordPress Makes Lead Generation a Breeze

Website themes built with travel marketing in mind are just the start of what makes WordPress so great.

That’s because it’s also got a bunch of tools to help you generate new leads. And all those tools have one purpose in common — to gather user information.

WordPress offers several ways to incentivize visitors to provide you with their contact information, including:


When a visitor wants to comment on a blog post or product page, you can require they sign-up for a guest account to do so, and capture their email address in the process.

Contact forms

If a site user wants to contact you, the contact form includes a field for their email address. There you go: lead generated.

Checkout signup

When a customer purchases something from your site, you can include an opt-in for your email newsletter.


  • A pop-up window offers a coupon or other incentive in return for a user’s email address.
  • Each pop-up can even be customized based on what your site knows about where they live, what kind of device they’re using, where they came to your site from, and more.
  • Pop-ups come in the form of small windows, floating bars at the edge of the browser, or a full-screen welcome gate that appears when people first visit your site.

WordPress can do all of this and more — and then integrate with your email platform (like MailChimp) to automatically grow your lists.

How does it do it? It’s all about the plugins, baby!

Say Hello to a Plethora of WordPress Plugins

Part of WordPress’ web development appeal is its massive library of plug-ins

Many of these are third party plug-ins created by WordPress users all over the world, available either for free or for sale.

There’s also a subculture of WordPress plug-ins designed specifically to help you generate leads.A few examples of plug-ins for lead generation on WordPress are:

OptinMonster: An online app that integrates with WordPress to allow you to create all sorts of customized opt-in forms — think pop-ups, welcome gates, and floating bars.

LandKit: Lets you create super professional and customized landing pages with just one goal: generating leads.

WPForms: Allows you to create customized contact forms and specify what information to collect, how to organize it and more.

An important bonus to using WordPress and its plug-ins to generate leads is the ability to integrate it all with one of our favorite CRM (customer relationship management) tools: Salesforce.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM. It’s an app that lives on the cloud that you can use for sales, customer service and marketing (which is why we love it!).

The application stores and organizes all your customer information and helps you generate new leads through built-in analytics and email marketing tools.

And it integrates with loads of other online platforms, like your social media channels, Google Analytics 360 and, of course, WordPress.

Salesforce and WordPress Integration

WordPress’ plug-ins library has all sorts of tools specifically designed for integration with Salesforce.

For example, you can take user input on say, your WPForms plug-in and automatically add that data into your Saleforce database. Then you can use Salesforce to stay on top of all your customer trends and market to them in the future.

That’s just one tiny example of an automation that’ll help you generate leads and enhance your company’s marketing power.

Take a Trip to an Imaginary Paradise…Where Your Company Markets Itself

Imagine if a company blog about your Grand Canyon trip offering brings a targeted persona to your WordPress site (through a perfect SEO match-up).

After a few seconds, an OptinMonster form will automatically pop up, offering 10% off their trip booking in exchange for an email address.

That email address (along with behind-the-scenes user info that comes from their browser) heads straight into your MailChimp list and your Salesforce database. 

Oh, and we forgot to mention: MailChimp and Salesforce are also compatible. Now we’re really taking off.

So say you’re looking at trends in your leads. Who are your users, and what do they want? Salesforce will help you unlock the puzzle.

Then using MailChimp, you can send your lists an email with targeted content that speaks to their position on the buyer funnel. You, my friend, are well on your way to a sale.

BKMedia: Your WordPress & Travel Marketing Experts 

Teaming up travel agencies and WordPress is a trip we’ve taken our clients on many times before.

Our travel and adventure clients like Off the Beaten Path, Natural Selection, and Mountain Aviation all rely on us to conceptualize and execute their digital marketing strategies.

We’ll build your WordPress site, develop your audience personas, and ideate and create original content and ads to help you generate leads. 

Then we’ll follow up on those leads with customized email campaigns that we manage through Salesforce or the CRM of your choice.

We’ve got the experts in web development, data analysis, SEO, and content creation to make it happen.

Whether your company is idling in the nether regions of the internet and you don’t know how to get it out, or if you just need experienced hands to take the wheel so you can focus on running your business, BKMedia Group can help you reach you travel digital marketing goals.

Learn more about BKMedia’s experience with travel marketing, and how we can help your company reach new customers >

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