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  • "BKMedia Group were wonderful to work with on our website re-design project. Their staff are great to work with, easy to communicate with and responsive to questions. Plus our new website turned out amazing. Can't say enough great things about our experience with BK!"

    Katie MacDonald, WOW! Children's Museum

  • "We chose BK Media Group because we were looking for more than just another web design firm. Steuben Press needed a partner to understand where our company was and where we wanted to be. From the initial development stages of our killer new site, all the way through launch and online advertising, their team has met every challenge we presented, head on. They are true professionals, and have earned our trust time and again."

    Adam Ellis, Steuben Press

  • "Working with BKMedia Group on web development and SEO is a dream come true. They are responsive, creative problem solvers and their design work is excellent. Plus, very cool offices too!"

    Sheridan Wolfe, Longmont YMCA

  • "As the Chief Marketing Officer of Coverdell, I have been working with BKMedia Group for several years. Over that time, the entire organization has become fully embedded within my day-to-day operations. Words cannot capture how grateful I am to the entire team for their ongoing dedication to our business."

    Jonty Yamisha, Coverdell

  • "I've been in the marketing field for close to a decade, and in that time, I've tried more than my fair share of vendors. Today, I rely on BK exclusively for all my needs in the areas of web design and development, SEO (including content development), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and all things related to social media."

    Jonty Yamisha, Coverdell

Full Service Website Design, Development and Digital Marketing

In today's competitive marketplace, 'just having a website' simply isn't enough. BKMedia Group delivers the ultimate user experience through customized web development and enhanced search exposure. What does this mean for you and your organization? Increased traffic. Increased leads. Increased conversions.

Designing and developing the best user experience and websites

Designing & Developing the User Experience

A poorly planned site can do more harm than no site at all. Your website is for your current and potential customers—if finding the information and conversion points they need is time consuming and frustrating it can create lasting negative feelings and push them to the competition.

For every site we build we start with the basics and work our way up to ensure the best user experience. By asking the right questions during the design process we can uncover what your visitors actually need and build your website right, from the start. Your business wasn't created from a template—your digital presence shouldn't be either.

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Web Design & Development

Building brand equity through content marketing, social media and email marketing

Building Brand Equity

The health of your website and business depends highly on your audience, but simply having a website doesn't develop or nurture that audience. Your website should be a hub for all of your digital efforts, working with them to reinforce a cohesive brand and message.

We can help you create a consistent voice for your brand or business. With that voice, we can carry your message across a variety of channels—from your site to social media to email marketing—to find and market to the audience you need.

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Social Media ManagementEmail Marketing

driving qualified traffic through paid advertising and organic search engine optimization

Driving Qualified Traffic

You know the saying: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well, if your website is amazing but no one visits it, does it really exist?

Without traffic, your website is a waste of digital space and money, but not just any traffic will do. Driving the right traffic to your website—the people who need what you've got—is a science. We help vet your traffic and attract more of the right audience, sending positive signals to search engines and boosting search visibility.

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Search Engine OptimizationPaid Digital Advertising

converting your visitors into more with conversion rate optimization

Converting Visitors Into More

Whether you're looking for sales, leads, or a simple form submission, every website has an ideal conversion for its visitors. Our goal is to make sure that as many visitors as possible take an action that benefits you.

We begin with audits meant to analyze conversion points on your website for friction and reveal any fundamental issues impeding your visitors. Once we're confident that visitors can convert, we move into a more strategic approach to bring you more revenue, from surveys to user testing, A/B testing to total page redesigns.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

reporting and analyzing data to give you the full picture

Reporting & Analyzing Metrics

Your website can be a powerful tool for sales, lead generation and more, but you'll never know how (or why) until you start tracking the right data and metrics. Whether we're creating sales funnels to track users through a buying process, designing squeeze pages to convert customers from a custom campaign, or A/B testing your homepage, the goal is to understand how people use your site. 

By gaining insight into what works and what doesn't, we can make informed changes aimed at improving your site's performance and making it do more work for you!

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