Our People

BKMedia Group has a dedicated team of skilled professionals working together to solve your digital marketing challenges. Whether you're a remote client who wants to put faces to the names, or just doing your research, take a minute to meet the team!

Brad Moss / Account Executive & Founder

Since graduating from CSU, Brad has worked in Chicago and Seattle with clients like Microsoft, Nintendo and MLB, before moving back to his home turf to open BK in 2001. From onboarding to deployment, Moss ensures a transparent and engaging client-experience as your account executive. 

Rich Coffman / SEO/SEM Manager

Rich Coffman manages the search engine optimization and search engine marketing for our clients. He's well-versed in competitive market-analysis, keyword research, retargeting, media buying, local search optimization, technical website audits, and analytics. Originally from Chicago, Rich has a degree from Bradley University with two marathons and two 70.3 Ironman Triathlons under his belt.

Josh Horner / Web Development Manager

At his core Josh is a problem solver. He is a master at communicating with clients to understand the problem, drawing on existing knowledge, acquiring new knowledge, and communicating the solution to other team members for implementation. When not employing his problem-solving skills to serve clients, Josh enjoys motorcycle riding, playing guitar, and pursues mastery of the Rubik's cube.

Lauren Horner / UI/UX Design Manager

Lauren loves great design and constantly aspires to improve the user-experience. Since graduating with a degree in Visual Communication from the University of Northern Colorado, Lauren manages and executes all UI/UX design here at BK. She works with the Conversion Manager and Content Manager to assure a seamless user-experience and an intuitive user interface, improving the sales funnel at every stage.

Eric Palmer / Marketing Strategy & Analyst Manager

With experience in advertising, social media, graphic design, blogging, and years working with our clients' sites, Eric understands that many factors can influence a visitor to your site, both positively and negatively. He steers our conversion optimization efforts and consistently works to improve conversions on your website, landing page or blog. 

Kevin Brinn / Production Manager

Since graduating from Oswego State in New York in 1994, Kevin has continued to develop his skills around all aspects of traditional and digital marketing. Kevin brings over 20 years of experience in digital asset production to the BKMedia Group team. "Mr. Brinn" is responsible for the implementation, task-management, and deliverables related to your digital projects.

Michael Ferger / Full-Stack Developer

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Michael has a lifelong passion for technology. Having graduated from a fully intensive web development program in Boulder, he brings back- and front-end knowledge, as well as problem-solving skills to help troubleshoot new problems every day. When he isn't at his computer, you’ll find him outside, at the gym, powering through a tv binge, or playing with some Rubik’s cubes.

Patricia McCrystal / Content Manager

Patty oversees the creation and optimization of relevant, educational content to enrich your organization’s user interactions at every stage of the buying journey. She works to develop and implement a clear content strategy that guides all marketing messaging. Patty brings a diverse experience to her role including writing for the non-profit sector, financial field, and lifestyle magazines. She is a published poet and avid reciter of Emily Dickinson.

Shonda Lehtola Andrist / Accounts Payable / Receivable

Shonda is our bookkeeper extraordinaire. With 20+ years of managing books, AR, AP and tax management experience, you'll want to play nice with this one - she's all-powerful. 

Erica Fischer / Campaign Optimizer

Erica assists with search engine marketing campaign optimization by trimming wasted campaign spend and allocating budget to keywords with the best returns.

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