Our People

BKMedia Group has a dedicated team of skilled professionals working together to solve your digital marketing challenges. Whether you're a remote client who wants to put faces to the names, or just doing your research, take a minute to meet the team!

Brad Moss / Account Executive & Founder

Since graduating from CSU, Brad has worked in Chicago and Seattle with clients like Microsoft, Nintendo and MLB, before moving back to his home turf to open BK in 2001. From onboarding to deployment, Moss ensures a transparent and engaging client-experience as your account executive.

Eric Palmer / Director of Media Buying

With years of experience in advertising and analytics, Eric understands how to make platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc work for your business — whether that's turning a profit or driving readership. The secret is in the details, and that's something Eric carries over from his days as a graphic designer — he's not afraid to zoom in and fix the smallest details in order to make the bigger picture clearer. If you've got an eye for details too, you'll probably see an assortment of comic books and LEGO sets in the background during video chats with Eric, or catch a glimpse of George and Harvey, his two black cats.

Patricia Mccrystal

Patricia McCrystal / Content Marketing Director

Your website's organic health is in good hands with Patty. Starting with your audience personas, she develops and executes a keyword-driven content strategy that serves as the backbone for all marketing campaigns — from email to paid ads, blogging to on-site messaging. As an MFA grad and published writer, Patty has an intuition for the nuances that go into every brand story and voice. As a Content Marketing Director, she's a master at managing your organic marketing channels to increase your brand's recognition, search engine visibility, and support conversions at each stage of the buyer journey.

Christopher Ford / Email Marketing Director

Christopher steers your automated email campaigns to build your list, increase conversions, and recapture lost sales. He's Klaviyo Master Certified and a whiz at translating data to strategy. His jack-of-all-trades background includes programming aerospace applications for NASA, managing music non-profits, and touring as a successful singer/songwriter.

Mimi Hayes / Organic Social Media Specialist & Copywriter

Mimi fosters an authentic connection between your brand and its social audiences through persona- and keyword-driven content that drives engagement, conversions, and boosts your brand's overall SEO rankings. As a copywriter, Mimi's got a strong ear for voice and infuses your brand’s copy with personality and vibrance. Mimi is also a stand-up comedian, published author, and writing coach, and on Saturday mornings you'll find her busting out her red pen for long editing sessions.

Liz Wallace / Email Marketing Coordinator

Liz implements your email marketing campaigns through strategy and creativity. She has an international background in marketing and business development, allowing her to approach marketing from a unique and holistic perspective. Having lived and worked in both China and Spain over the years, Liz has managed email campaigns and content marketing for multiple international companies. Liz is passionate about travel and living a healthy lifestyle, speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, and is a certified yoga instructor.

Shonda Lehtola Andrist / Accounts Payable / Receivable

Shonda is our bookkeeper extraordinaire. With 20+ years of managing books, AR, AP, and tax management experience, you'll want to play nice with this one — she's all-powerful.


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