10 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using Shopify NOW

If you’re running an online store and don’t know what Shopify is, stop everything you’re doing.

It’s time for your intervention.


Yeah, that’s how strongly we feel about Shopify’s ability to revolutionize your online store so you can see sales soar.

Shopify is a powerhouse when it comes to helping you customize your online shop and promote your products through social media, email campaigns, and more — all while managing your inventory, payments, and shipping from a central cloud-based platform.

In addition to how easy it is to use, one of the reasons we here at BKMedia Group love Shopify is its ability to integrate with other platforms, like social media channels and email campaigns.

We’ve seen a ton of success integrating Shopify into Mailchimp for our clients. When we migrated our client Weatherall’s online store to Shopify and integrated it with their email campaigns, we saw huge results.

In 2016, before moving to Shopify, Weatherall made $577 via email sales.

After the move, in 2017, Weatherall sold $17,204 worth of products via email sales! Wow.

How did we pull it off, you ask? All with help from integration between Shopify and Mailchimp.

Integration between this dynamic duo allowed us to set up emails to remind people about abandoned shopping carts, and to create non-intrusive pop-ups offering discounts in exchange for an email address.

This proved to be a great way to grow Weatherall’s email list, which is a valuable asset they can continue to utilize in the future.

But email integrations are just one great thing about using Shopify. 

Read on for our list of the 10 reasons you should be using Shopify for e-Commerce business.

1. Shopify Is Incredibly Easy To Use

Shopify is designed to get your professional online store up and running ASAP. 

Its interface is built with non-techies in mind, so you can choose a professionally designed, amazing looking template site with little to no design background.

It’s also completely customizable. So whether you already have a well-established brand or are on your way toward one, Shopify works with you to let you develop a look and feel that’s all your own.

2. It’s Faster Than a TV Sale on Black Friday

With Shopify, your online store is hosted on their super speedy and reliable servers. Plus, everything is stored on the cloud.

This combo makes for a super fast e-Commerce site, which is exactly what you need to stay ahead of the game. 4 to 5% of visitors to your site will leave for every second of time it takes your site to load. 

For every extra 100ms (just 1/10th of a second), you lose 1% of revenue

So one second of extra load time equals a 10% loss in revenue. Tick tock.

3. Shopify Integrates with Social Media

At BKMedia Group, we know that social media matters when it comes to digital marketing. 

That’s yet another reason we love Shopify — it makes taking full advantage of social media marketing so easy.

We wrote an entire blog on this subject, but to distill it down into a few points, Shopify’s social media integration features allow you to:

  • Integrate Facebook pixel into every page of your website.
  • Upload products to your Facebook Product Catalogs — and keep them synced
  • Offer checkout right in your social media channels.
  • Populate Facebook offer claim ads with Shopify-generated discount codes and track where and how people are getting those codes.

That list may seem like some marketing nitty-gritty, but the nitty-gritty is where e-Commerce success lies.

4. Shopify is Safe & Reliable

The last thing you need is your online store crashing in a Cyber Monday rush. Or worse, your customer’s credit card details getting hacked.

With Shopify’s top-end servers and technical support working behind the scenes, you can rest easy knowing your website will run as intended, safely and reliably, 24/7 — all while keeping your customers’ personal information secure.

5. It Makes Your Online Store Mobile-Friendly — Automatically

Shopify’s technology makes your online store mobile-friendly. That’s important, because this year mobile e-Commerce will account for 40% of all retail online sales

And by 2021, over half of all online sales will be made on mobile devices.

A mobile-ready site will serve those customers with fast, safe, and reliable service.

Shopify’s fluid design means your website will display as intended on any type of device.

That means your store looks great and is easy to navigate on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and anything else you can imagine.

6. All About the Apps

Remember when we said Shopify is customizable? Time to walk the walk.

Part of Shopify’s flexibility comes from the fact that they’ve got their own app store where developers from all over the world can create tools and offer them for free or for sale to shop owners. 

Think of it like the app store on your smartphone, but exclusively for your Shopify site.

Right now there are over 1,500 apps available, allowing you to add a plethora of features to your online store.

That includes backend tools like specialized analytics, shipping label generation, and integration with your accounting software to customer-side bonuses such as loyalty programs and wish lists.

If you can dream it, it’s probably on the Shopify app store.

7. They Make Customer Support Easy

Speaking of apps, Shopify’s app store features loads of great apps designed to help you provide great customer support.

An app like Zendesk Support will integrate information from your customer database with a support ticket interface, providing an all-in-one tool for your customer support agents to access and resolve customer support issues quickly and reliably.

And there are apps to allow your customer support team to live chat with customers about support issues, even right on Facebook Messenger.

On top of that, you’ll find apps to facilitate FAQ management, contact forms, and handling of returns and exchanges.

8. Ready to Go with SEO

You won’t sell a thing if people don’t come to your site, which is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important.

Shopify was designed for e-Commerce marketing, and that means it’s got SEO covered.

Their SEO tools will help you make sure your site is taking full advantage of SEO to place your store as high as possible in search rankings.

This includes the ability to easily add and edit keywords, title tags, URLS, meta descriptions, and alt text for products and collections of products, as well as for pages on your site and blog posts.

There are also some SEO-friendly best practices that your Shopify store will automatically follow, including having your content follow a hierarchy, use of standard characters in URLS and more.

Plus, Shopify’s analytics tools allow you to look at exactly where people are coming to your store from, so you can further hone your marketing strategy.

And last but not least, Shopify provides resources to help teach you how you can improve your store’s SEO game.

9. Shopify Helps You Recover Cart Abandoners

Something like 60-70% of customers will abandon their cart on an online shop (which we’re guessing is the same amount of people who leave their shopping car in the parking lot).  

It can be frustrating to see all that missed potential. But with Shopify, you have the power to do something about it.

All those customers need is a little nudge, a reminder that those awesome products and services they found on your site is still waiting for them!

Shopify takes care of this reminder for you. It tracks abandoned carts and automatically reminds your soon-to-be customers about them with friendly emails, which are totally customizable.

10. Collect Payment On Your Terms

You can integrate just about any payment system out there with Shopify, from Paypal to BitPay.

But Shopify also has their own payment system that’s already integrated into the platform. 

If you use Shopify’s payment system, you bypass transaction fees and can end up paying less in credit card fees. Not a bad deal.

Shopify Your Store to Success

Because of its focus on marketing, Shopify has a lot of success stories of businesses who’ve hit it big with an e-Commerce shop built on their platform.

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. Many of our clients have had success using Shopify, and you can too.

But just because setting up a Shopify store is easy to do doesn’t mean that taking full advantage of all its more finely-detailed features is.

For many shop owners, the idea of integrating your store with Mailchimp and Facebook pixel and analyzing the shopping trends of your customers seems a bit overwhelming. 

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Um, what’s a Facebook pixel?” (No judgement here).

No matter the reason, we’re here to help.

Our team of digital marketing professionals combine decades of experience to bring clients’ online businesses into the modern era.

And we cater our work to your business’ needs, expertly crafting every aspect of your site and marketing campaigns to drive traffic, increase interest, and boost revenue.

Plus, there are even more reasons to hire a digital marketing agency like BKMedia Group. 

Because not only will we make you a great Shopify store, we’ll also build your email list, and create and manage newsletter, social media, and online advertising campaigns.

Then we’ll dive into the analytics to see what’s working and fine-tune our approach to continue to grow your online business.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you build and grow your online business with Shopify >

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