5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (Not a New Employee)

Does your site’s traffic look more like an empty parking lot? Can the contacts in your email list be counted on fingers and toes?

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If you answered yes to one of these questions, chances are your marketing strategy is overdue for a revolution.

The difference between seeing site conversions vs. sending users back into the Googlesphere without so much as a blog read lies in an effective digital marketing strategy.

But how do you decide whether it’s better to hire a digital marketing agency to up your game, or to add a new team member to pick up the slack?

Some business owners make the mistake of assuming it’s better to hire a full-time employee to implement their marketing strategy. They may believe they’ll get better results from an in-house employee who can be integrated into the company’s workflow — without realizing the amount of training, team coordination, and management time involved in bringing on a full-time team member.

But when you get down to the nuts and bolts, hiring an employee instead of a marketing agency is usually the most expensive and least effective route to go.

And in this article, you’re going to learn why that’s the case. You’ll find out how a digital agency can save you time, skip the expenses associated with hiring & training a new employee, and give you better results for a smaller investment.

So here they are, the top 5 reasons why it’s almost always better to hire a digital marketing agency than a new employee:  

1: You Get Access to a Team of Marketing Experts 

For your digital marketing strategy to be effective, it needs skilled coordination between the 4 main arms:  

An effective digital marketing strategy is impossible to find in any one single person. And when you hire an in-house marketer, you get a single employee with a limited set of skills.

But when you hire a digital marketing agency, you’ll be getting an entire team of experts who can bring to bear a much wider range of skills and experiences.  

Here at BKMedia Group, we house 4 dedicated specialists who champion the critical pieces to any wholesome digital-marketing strategy:

For most companies, hiring this many full-time marketing specialists is probably out of reach. That’s why the majority of marketing directors & CMOs will get the best ROI from outsourcing their marketing to an experienced agency that can take the reins.  

2: You Get Access to More Resources

When you hire a digital marketing agency, your company benefits from a much wider array of resources.

To make your digital marketing efforts as effective as possible, your marketing strategy needs to skillfully wield tools like:

  • CRM systems
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Keyword tracking software
  • Tracking & Analytics platforms

Purchasing all these tools yourself adds up fast. Consequentially, most in-house marketers are hamstrung by a lack of resources.

That’s not the case with a digital agency like BKMedia Group. These tools are our bread and butter, and we use them every day to bring our clients top-quality results.

When you choose to partner with a digital marketing agency, you gain the benefit of all these sophisticated tools — without paying a small fortune. 

3: You Save Time

You might think hiring a full-time marketer will take work off your plate. But the truth is usually the exact opposite. 

Hiring a new employee can be a drain on your team’s schedule. Imagine how much face-to-face time a new employee will need with you: training, meetings, feedback, progress updates…the list goes on.

Hiring a full-time marketing employee requires a lot of your own valuable time.  Just another reason why it makes sense for your company to put your trust in a reputable digital marketing agency.

When you sign up with an agency like BKMedia, you won’t have to get involved in the day-to-day issues that come with implementing your marketing campaigns. 

We work with you to decide on the best high-level strategy. Then we get to work getting that strategy off the ground — without using up any more of your valuable time.  

You still have the power to direct the big-picture strategy we use in your marketing, but you won’t have to waste your time “in the weeds.”

4: You Skip the Time & Expense of Training an Employee

Many companies underestimate just how time-consuming and expensive it is to hire and train a new employee.

The cost of finding and recruiting a talented digital marketer in the first place isn’t cheap, to mention the time and money needed to:

  • Define the job functions & responsibilities
  • Post the position on job boards
  • Read through dozens or hundreds of applications
  • Schedule & conduct interviews
  • Perform reference & background checks
  • Extend an offer & negotiate salary

And you’re just getting started. It’ll take weeks of training time before a new employee can work independently. They’ll need to study your brand, learn your internal procedures, get familiar with office policies and get along with your crew.

None of that accounts for the marketing-related training a new employee will need. Digital marketing is a continuously evolving field, and the best marketers seek out constant training to stay up-to-date.

Plus, what happens to your business when that employee leaves your company? Anytime your in-house marketer moves on, you’ll have to start all over again at square one with a brand-new employee. 

You can trust an expert digital marketing agency like BK to always have a full supply of well-trained marketing experts on hand to steer your company’s strategy from start to finish — no training required.

5: You Get Better Results for a Fraction of the Cost 

By now you’re probably starting to sense a trend.

Hiring a digital marketing agency requires less from you — less time out of your day, less resources, and less money than hiring a highly qualified full-time employee.  

Take email marketing, for example. Strategic email marketing automates your sales process, so you can stop wasting time on manual processes. But to do it right, email marketing takes a full-time, dedicated expert who understands the ins-and-outs of email design, sending best practices, segmentation, testing, a solid grasp on your brand voice, and more.

A skilled marketing agency will give you more results: A better-designed website. Strong and consistent brand voice. Better and more compelling ads. A streamlined online sales process that will bring in as many new leads at the highest ROI possible. 

The moral of the story is, when you hire a world-class digital agency like BKMedia Group, you get more for less. 

Ready to see more results from your marketing efforts this year? Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll make 2021 your best marketing year yet.


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