An Island (Booth) Adventure

While a lot of people travelled over the long Memorial Day weekend, BKMedia Group’s own Brad Moss hit the road this weekend and headed for Seattle. It hasn’t been all fun and games for him though – he’s there on business. A client, Innisfree M&A Inc., is attending the 2012 NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) conference this week. Brad flew out early Saturday morning and spent much of the next two days just setting up: the Innisfree booth this year is a massive 20′ x 20′ island.

We designed a custom layout for this show based on some input from the client on the casino theme they were planning this year. They’ve got a Black Jack table, and even Roulette, both of which had to be worked into the floor plan, making sure they’d not only fit, but also attract the most attention.

Construction was no doubt grueling, but my phone only rang once throughout the whole process which means that Brad was able to get it together largely without a hitch. He did keep me updated with pictures throughout the whole process, and it’s great to see a booth appear where a few big crates had been.

This has been one of the biggest exhibit solutions we’ve done to date, but we’re looking forward to more challenges like this in the future. And for those clients of ours that don’t require 20′ x 20′ booths, we have many other display solutions, not to mention all of our print services for more traditional marketing needs.

Best of luck to Brad on teardown later this week, and to Innisfree M&A Inc. on a great conference!

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