How a WordPress Blog Can Boost Your Online Business

One big piece of a digital marketing strategy that some businesses overlook is content marketing. Content encompasses everything from the words on your website to your email copy to your eBooks and, of course, your blog.


On your website, a high-quality and strategically-written blog is an important form of content marketing that can deliver the following benefits:

1. Boosts SEO 

Writing blogs that cater to your target audience’s online keyword searches is a strong element to any good SEO strategy. The more closely your content aligns with search requests, the higher up your blog will appear in search results.

Statistics show that companies that blog more frequently see higher traffic to their website. That means more eyes on your brand, more clicks, and hopefully more conversions.

2. Generates Credibility & Builds Trust

Your business blog is an opportunity to dive deep into various aspects of your industry. It’s a chance to show off your expertise and therefore generate credibility with your audience.

To build that trust, you’ve got to deliver relevant, consistent content that your audience will love. This comes as a result of persona development, a process of working out the values and challenges of each of the demographics of your potential customer base.

When we applied our persona development process to a dental insurance client’s blog, their site saw a 148% increase in traffic and a whopping 1,807% rise in completed quotes.

3. Increases Engagement

When your content speaks to an audience’s interest, they are more likely to engage with it. That means more traffic, more comments and more shares.

All of this direct engagement leads to more views and more leads. It’s basically free marketing, which is never a bad thing.

4. Leads to More Sales

If done right, your business blog will put your brand in front of more eyes and help to build trust with relevant and helpful content that addresses your audience’s needs.

When all of those things click into place, you’ve got a recipe for increased sales. Maybe it’s not a direct click on your blog and then a purchase two minutes later, but you are building a connection that can eventually generate sales down the road.

Why WordPress Blogs Are the Best for Business

When it comes to blogging, all platforms are not created equal. 

There are a lot of ways to get your blog into the world, but few offer the flexibility and lead-generation capabilities of WordPress. That’s why it’s the world’s most popular blogging platform.

The power of WordPress comes from the fact that it’s free and totally open-source. This means that a global community of developers have created WordPress-compatible themes, tools, and plug-ins that address just about every need you can imagine.

WordPress is great for online business blogs for the following reasons:

Totally Customizable Themes

When you’re building your WordPress blog, you need it to fit the aesthetic of your brand. WordPress offers thousands of free themes and just as many premium ones you can buy at affordable prices.

From there, you can dig deeper into the source code to customize your site to make it entirely your own. So when someone comes to your blog, they encounter a well-designed and professionally branded experience. 

With WordPress, you don’t have to compromise the legitimacy of your brand with a cookie cutter website layout.

Plugins Galore

The open-source nature of WordPress has led to a huge library of plugins that everyone has access to. To date, there are over 55,000 of these tools that you can add to your WordPress blog to make it suit your specific needs.

Plugins cover everything from:

Contact Forms

  • WPForms will help you turn blog visitors into email list subscribers.

Customized eCommerce Features

  • Build an online store that works for your products/services right into your website with eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce.

Lead Generation Tools

  • OptinMonster and LandingKit help you generate leads with floating bars, welcome gates, pop-up forms, and landing pages.


  • Yoast SEO helps with keyword research, checks for duplicate content, fixes broken links, and increases readability. 
  • SEMRush is key to analyzing both your own content and your competition’s content to find out what’s most effective when promoted through paid ads.

Third-party Integration

  • Link your blog with all the other online tools you use with plugins to support third-party applications such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Salesforce, various social media platforms, and many more.


WordPress helps you make the most of your SEO strategy. The platform is built to be SEO-friendly from the start.

When you post a new article on your business blog, you create a link that has the potential to show up in online searches

To improve the chance of your new post showing up in searches, WordPress will auto-create important search engine index indicators such as meta descriptions and title tags for each of your blog posts.

From there, you can easily change descriptions or tags and add SEO-friendly URLs and categories to each post for further optimization.

Third Party Support

WordPress plugins make it super easy to link your blog to pretty much any third-party application you can imagine. This includes social media platforms, email marketing, analytics tools, and CRM software.

Some examples of third-party integrations that can help your WordPress blog include:


  • Automatically import WPForms user input over to your Salesforce database
  • Link your WordPress eCommerce store to Salesforce
  • Many other CRMs offer similar WordPress compatibility

Social Media


Google Analytics

  • Install Google Analytics directly or with the MonsterInsights plugin to track customer demographics, how they found your website, what they clicked on, and which keywords attracted them to your site

Quality Support

  • Because there is such a huge online community of WordPress users and developers, support is easily-found. There are plugins and updates to serve just about every need you may have. 
  • And if there’s something you can’t figure out, a tutorial or online forum is more than likely just a Google search away.

Reach Your Business Blogging Goals with a Professional Marketing Agency

There may be many reasons you haven’t prioritized a business blog yet: It takes a lot of time to do it right, and you might not be sure how to create helpful, optimized content for your audience personas — let alone analyze how your posts are performing. 

Coming up with your blog content strategy can be a full-time job in and of itself. That’s why at BKMedia Group, we have an expert Content Manager to do the heavy lifting for our client’s content strategy — from persona development to brand voice to blog strategy.

Our team of professional copywriters are trained in using industry-best blogging practices to craft content that both aligns with your individual brand voice, and boosts your SEO rankings using keyword research.

Then, our analytics expert uses advanced reports to look at key metrics to measure the impact of each piece of content. This allows us to continue to optimize content to increase leads and conversions.

In fact, our blogging approach for our client Carefree Dental led to a 384% increase in traffic to their site and a massive 47.5% boost in sales.

Want to see these kind of results for your online business? Learn more about our content marketing and development services »

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