Is Your Company’s “About Us” Page Working For You?

Your website should tell a compelling brand story to engender trust with your audience. You can communicate your brand through the type of language, images, video, and graphics you use, and above all else, with your About Us page.


The About Us page is a one-stop shop where people can learn more about what your company does and more importantly, why it does it. 

Visitors to your About Us page should leave with an understanding of what you’re all about — what drives your company and makes it special.

The content of your About Us page is also an opportunity to drive more organic traffic to your website through the power of SEO. Use of relevant keywords is just as important on this page as on your blog or any other part of your website.

And on top of all that, it’s a chance for you to put a face to your business — showing off the talented employees working behind the scenes through photos and video gives a personal touch to your brand.

If you get it right, your About Us page could be the final push to turn interested visitors into first-time customers.

From nailing the copy and design to using video to show off your employees, expertise, and more, here are our 7 tips to making an About Us page that rocks.

1. Be Detailed Yet Inspiring

Your About Us page needs to communicate your story, your mission, your values, and more using accessible, on-brand language that inspires your users.

The story you tell on your brand page might include:

  • The real-world problem that inspired your product or service. 
  • The specifics of how your company solves said problem, and what makes your solution unique and the best — you can even include your business model and what makes it work.
  • Your company values and what drives you to do what you do every day.
  • Your company mission statement.

It’s worth taking the time to distill this information down to the essentials so you can communicate your story quickly and effectively. This is a chance to get rid of redundant language and information overload. Talking about your founders may be a focus, but the favorite cereal of each of your 50 employees? TMI.

You’ll also want your About Us copy to be emblematic of your brand voice, whether that be fun, authoritative, concise, formal, or anything in between. Check and double check your copy for inconsistencies in brand voice, and ask others to read it and provide feedback. 

This is your chance to make a lasting impression with your About Us page visitors — be sure to put your best foot forward!

2. Be Yourself (aka, Stay Human)

When putting together your About Us page, don’t try too hard to be something you’re not.

Be yourself! If you’re a one-person business, you can essentially write your story from the heart in a first-person narrative. 

If your About Us represents a company that’s bigger than any one person, then “be yourself” translates to “stay on brand”. A novelty sock company’s About Us page shouldn’t read like a law firm’s. And if that law firm specializes in entertainment law, then the voice can be a bit groovier than the About Us page for a hospital.

3. Get Vulnerable

Your About Us doesn’t need to only focus on everything that makes you awesome. We all have made mistakes and found failure before success, so an honest story is bound to resonate more than a glossed-over fairytale. 

Consider telling the struggles you faced when you started your business, the mistakes you’ve made along the way, and of course, how you overcame them. This sort of honesty shows people that not only are you a company of real people, but that your experience has taught you unique lessons that make you the best at what you do.

4. Show Off Your Talent

Another way to show that your company is made up of real humans is to, well, show the humans that work at your company! Using photos and/or video, show the faces of your employees and share a bit about each of them to lend humanity and authority to your story.

If the experience of your founders are what make your company unique, focus on them. If the diversity of your workforce expresses your company’s values, share some of their stories. 

And if you have particular employees who bring unparalleled expertise to your product or service, be sure to show them off! That brings us to our next tip.

5. Show Off Your Expertise

Don’t be afraid to balance some of the humility from the last tip with some tootin’ of your own horn — as long as it shows visitors exactly why you’re the best at what you do.

For example, if you work in film, you should probably have the most stunning and awe-inspiring About Us video you can imagine. If you’re a cake shop, you could literally make cakes that tell elements of your story, and show them off through a series of photos.

Be sure to include a list of awards and recognition, along with a collection of customer testimonials. Your skills might be undeniably awesome, but knowing they’ve been recognized out in the real world will lend a good deal of authority to your company.

6. Use Video to Tell Your Story

Video is a killer way to tell your story because it checks off so many boxes at once.

You can show the human faces of the people behind your company and give viewers a behind the scenes look at where and how the magic happens, all while quickly communicating your story.

Your video can also add an extra human element through the voices of your founders and employees, who can tell your company story in their own words. That’s what we did in our BKMedia Group About Us video.

Video also allows for simultaneous integration of graphics, overlaid text, and music to make the telling of your story more engaging.

7. Don’t Forget Design

Great design is key to any truly effective About Us page, especially if you want people to actually glean anything about your company from it.

Instead of just writing out a few paragraphs of text, consider how design could help the most important elements of your story immediately pop out to the viewer.

Some design elements that you could incorporate include:

  • Photos with overlaid text communicating who you are, why you do what you do, and what makes your product/service special
  • Use photos of your founders, products, and the factory floor — whether that be your beautiful offices, charming shop, or an actual factory floor
  • llustrated graphs or charts that explain your business model and/or what makes your process unique in an easy-to-understand way
  • Small blocks of text with headers that pop — for example:
    • “Our Mission: To make the best About Us page ever.”
    • “Our Values: To always have fun while making our About Us page.”
    • “What Makes Us Special: We’re the only company in the world focused solely on making this one About Us page the best About Us page ever.”

Seal the Deal with a Professional Website

If your impressive About Us page is sitting in the middle of an otherwise lackluster site, your newly inspired customers will be running for the door before long.

All of your content has to rock, your design has to be top-notch and on brand, and your site needs to deliver what people are looking for. If you get all that right, then your site will also deliver what you’re looking for, which is more leads, more conversions, and more customers.

Read our guide on how to move from an amateur to a professional website » 

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